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5 pirates and100 gold coins

5 pirates are dividing the 100 gold coins they robbed.

The captain is very selfish, so he started distributing the coins among 5 of them in order to keep as many coins as possible with him.

But the problem is the Captain should have half or more votes for the distribution proposal otherwise he will be thrown out.

keep in mind that : All the 4 crew members are good at maths 🙂

So how many gold coins the captain can get?


Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop, it covers the gap between a desktop and tablet, it has all advantages from both sides. You can use laptop at your home, office or canteen or in travel. Basic features that the laptop provides are available using a smart phone or tablet but coming to any serious task you definitely go for laptop as it has keyboard that provides you comfort in typing and has good battery backup and more features and more configuration. Long back desktop was replaced by laptop still laptop is best choice for most of the people who want to buy new gadget or to replace the old one. Continue reading