Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Nowadays everyone is trying to own an air conditioner because of the raising temperatures we have. An air conditioner cools the room by maintaining the temperature. A refrigerator is nothing but an air conditioner for a small area. In market we can find so many types of air conditioners with different capacities.

How an Air Conditioner works!!

Do you ever think how an air conditioner works!! There are 3 main parts in any type of air conditioner..

  • Compressor

Takes low pressure gas and squeezes it and releases as hot and high pressured gas.

  • Condenser

Takes the hot and high pressured gas and removes the heat from it and releases it as cool and low pressure liquid.

  • Evaporator

Takes the cool and low pressure liquid and blows it as cool and low pressured gas, which in turn cools the room.

Types of Air Conditioners

  • Portable AC

These look like air coolers and can move from one place to another place at ease. They can be used for personal rather for entire room.

  • Window AC

The ACs have to be mounted to windows. It is a single unit with keeping whole body at other side of the window and just blower side will be inside of room to circulate the cool air. It’s major disadvantage is its sound.

  • Split AC

For this type of AC the entire body will be divided into 2 parts inside & outside unit. Inside part will just blows the cool air and receives the hot air from the room. The outside unit is the main part which does all activities to convert the hot air into cool. As we have 2 units here the sound will not be an issue with this type.

Compare Types of Air Conditioners

Portable AC Window AC Split AC
Budget Very Economical Economical Expensive
Cool Area Very limited Entire room based on capacity Entire room based on capacity
Noise Level Normal High Low
Portability Yes No No
Installation Mode Plug & play Simple Complex

Features of Air Conditioners

  • Tonnage

First feature to consider about before buying is to decide how much capacity you are expecting. The cooling capacity is calculated in tons for air conditioners. More tonnage means more cooling area. You can have different tonnage capacity ACs in market. Based on the dimensions of the room you are purchasing the AC we need to decide the capacity.

  • Energy Efficiency

Get the high start rated AC to get minimize your monthly power bills. More starts >> less power consumption. Check for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating which is given to all ACs in the market.

  • Sleep Mode

A very useful feature to stop the air conditioner based on time set by us.

  • Auto Clean

Some ACs comes with auto clean feature which cleans the filters on demand. This can be operated with remote.

  • Air Flow

There are 2 types of air flow we can have in any AC.
1. Left & Right : Blows the cool air from left to right i.e. horizontally
2. Up & Down : Blows the cool air from top to bottom i.e. vertically

  • Auto Restart

For area with frequent power cuts this feature will be very useful to resume the settings we made even after power comes back.

  • Air Filter

There are multiple types of filters we can see in market. Choose the best depending on your usage. This filters blocks the dust particles from cool air. So frequently we have to clear these filters to get more cooling as well as to reduce the consumption.

  • Noise

The window ACs are very noisy comparative to split ACs. In split ACs also there are few model with very less noise which wont effect our sleep.

  • Anti corrosion body

Choose AC with anti corrosion body which in long turn protects your investment.

  • Sensors

With intelligent cooling system the AC blows the cool air where there is movement in the room, this is achieved by sensors. The sensors detects the movements happening in the room and diverts the cooling.

Choosing Tonnage Capacity

Choosing a most suited tonnage capacity for the room it is going to be installed gives best performance in terms of cooling and energy efficiency. We have to consider so many parameters to choose the tonnage capacity.

Few Tonnage Calculators :

Top Air Conditioner Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
LG Korea
Hitachi Japan
O General Japan
Blue Star India
Voltas India
Onida India
Samsung Korea
Daikin Japan

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