Air Cooler Buying Guide

Air Cooler Buying Guide

The best option to face the heat in India is to have an Air cooler. It is best because of large number of middle class families who can’t afford the AC prices. You can find different types of air coolers from so many manufacturers in market. The technique of evaporating the air is cheap, natural and environmental friendly. Let me brief about these in this topic..

Types of Air Coolers

  • Direct Evaporate Cooling

The outside hot air will be blown through water soaked pads to convert the water into vapor makes the room temperature reduced.

  • Indirect Evaporate Cooling

With indirect cooling system the hot air is cooled by a pre-cooled secondary air stream and blown into room.

  • Two stage Evaporate Cooling

It’s a combination of both Indirect & Direct evaporate cooling systems, first it cools the hot air with secondary air stream and in second stage it will be cooled more with direct cooling technique.

Features of Air Coolers

  • Cooling Pads

Most of the air coolers use fiber as cooling medium but recently honeycomb pads are used for better cooling and less moist. Not only the type of pads but its thickness also depends on the level of cooling.

  • Water level Indicator

Very handy tool to know about the current water level in the cooler. Without this you have to open the cooler to check the water level..

  • Variable Speed

Early models have only 2 level speed but it is good to have multi level speed which is useful in different climate conditions.

  • Automatic Water Level Controller

Some coolers take water automatically when connected to tap. This feature automatic water level controller tells the system that how much water to take.

  • Castors

Some coolers are available with castors to move the cooling where ever you needed. It costs nothing but good to have thing.

Top Air Cooler Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Symphony India
Kenstar India
Khaitan India
Usha India
Bajaj India

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