Car Buying Guide

Car Buying Guide

Owning a Car is like dream for most of us. When you are decided to purchase a car you need to clear about following things:

How to choose a Car

  • Budget

Your first step is to fix your budget. There are so many institutions to finance your purchase; you can opt for this as well.

  • New Car vs Old Car

Based on budget and requirement decide whether you will go for new car or used one. Some say, if you are new to driving better purchase an old car and do practice well and get a new car after selling the old one.

  • Capacity

Consider the seating capacity you want. If you go for higher seating capacity automatically budget increases.

  • Petrol vs Diesel

Make a choice of petrol or diesel. Both has their own pros and cons.

Petrol Diesel
Budget Low High
Noise Low High
Pollution Low High
Maintenance Low High
Pickup High Low
  • Pickup vs Mileage

Another main aspect to choose is you want more pickup or more Mileage. As some cars have more Mileage and some others come with more pickup.

  • Safety Measures

What are all the safety measures you are looking for? Like: Seat belts, Airbags…

  • Features

What are the features you want? Like: Central locking, Child safety lock, AC, Power steering, Steering adjustment, Sensors, Folding rear seat, Head rests, Adjustable head rests, Arm rest, Cup holders, Rear wiper, Roof mounted antenna, GPS..

  • Brand

Any brand preference you have..

  • Service centers

Availability of service centers near where you stay. And the quality of service they provide.

Top Car Brands (In Indian market)

Manufacturer Country
Maruthi Suzuki India
Hyundai South korea
Tata India
Mahindra India
Toyota Japan
Honda Japan
Chevrolet USA
Renault France
Volkswagon Germany
Ford USA

Check List – Before Purchasing Car

  • Never decide on other’s suggestion. Gather all the information and try to match with your requirements.
  • Do test drive yourself before deciding.
  • Go with authorized dealers.
  • Buy insurance yourself rather from dealers.
  • Check for Extended warranty options.
  • Don’t depend on oral promises from dealers make it paper and get signed.
  • Consult 3 or 4 shops to get best quotes on accessories.

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