Cooker Buying Guide

Cooker Buying Guide

A very common appliance in Indian kitchen is cooker, generally used for cooking rice. Of course we can cook so many other items as well. We can cook rice without a cooker as well but it reduces our time, effort and makes the food well cooked. Cooking food with cooker uses less energy consumption. In market you will find so many types of cookers from so many companies. Buying a cooker costs a bit when compared to normal vessels but it helps a lot.

Types of Cooker

  • Pressure Cooker

A traditional cooker we are using for so many years which is used to cook with its pressure. We can have multiple vessels in here at a time based on vessel size and our need. When cooking is over it blows its whistle and alerts us to stop cooking. There are multiple types of pressure cookers available based on its body material.

1. Aluminum : This is the basic model in pressure cooker range. As the body is aluminum food cooks very fast but there is tendency of leaching the metal when cooking acid items.

2. Stainless Steel : Stainless cookers are more preferable over aluminum ones as they are strong and scratch proof. It is very easy to clean and won’t be a problem with acid items, but takes bit more time compared with aluminum cookers.

3. Anodized : This is new model in markets compared to both aluminum and stainless steel cookers. The metal is very hard even though they are manufactured with aluminum. It has all advantages which are provided by the aluminum and stainless cookers and without any issue to point out.

  • Electric Cooker

These electric cookers made our life even happier, you just need to switch on the cooker and it will automatically off when cooking is completed. An aluminum bowl comes with these cookers with nonstick coating. You will find different sizes and can select based on your required quantity. Most of the models come with a facility to have a vegetable steam bowl which can be placed on the rice bowl same time and the lid comes with complete steel or along with glass.
In Electric cookers you will find multiple variants:

1. On & Off : With this model you will get 2 options only, while starting you have to switch on the cooker and on completion of cooking it will off automatically.

2. Cook & Keep Warm : With this model you can keep the food warm for more time. Whenever the cooking completes it automatically turns into warm mode which takes less electricity to keep the food warm.

3. Fuzzy Logic : This is high-end model by which you can program the cooking procedure based on the food you are cooking. Different food needs different time to complete so you can set the time.

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