Digital Camera Buying Guide

Digital Camera Buying Guide

Camera! It’s like a jewel in museum some years back, but now it’s everywhere. It became common to have a camera at least with their mobile.

Main parts/ activities of a camera

Do you ever think what a camera is? What it does and how it stores a picture!!

  • Diaphragm      : How much light camera receives
  • Shutter Speed : How much time camera receives light
  • Sensor             : How sensitive the camera to the light

Types of Digital Camera

  • Point & Shot Cameras

This is the basic model in digital cameras. You just need to click the camera and every setting is almost automatic with these models, of course there is option to change some of the settings.
When you are not aware or not bothered about the technical side of the camera then this type of cameras are suits the best for you.

  • Super Zoom Cameras

Digital cameras with better grip and better optical zoom capabilities are main advantages of these models. But more zoom comes with some cons as well like stabilization problems.

  • DLSR Cameras

These are the advanced model in digital cameras. They have everything for you to get the best quality for your pictures.
So many options are available to explore the beauty of photography.

Compare Digital Cameras

Point & Shot Super Zoom DSLR
Budget Economical Bit Expensive Expensive
Quality Good Good Excellent
Zoom Good Very good Excellent
Operational Very easy Easy Bit difficult
Flash In built In built In built & External

Features of Digital Camera

  • Sensor

Quality of photo depends on camera’s sensor, big and better sensor gives you great picture.

  • Mega Pixel

Most of people think more mega pixel gives more quality. No, it’s not correct.
The quality of picture depends on its sensor not on mega pixel. A camera with good sensor and less mega pixel gives more quality picture than a camera with more mega pixel and normal sensor.
When you want to print the photo into a bigger size then mega pixel comes into picture. A picture which is taken with more mega pixel camera can able to maintain its quality when printing large size.

  • Optical Zoom

Zooming through camera lens is called optical zoom. It brings the objects closer without losing the quality of the picture. With good zoom capability we can take best close-up shots.

  • Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is waste to consider. It just zooms the picture in pixels it drops the image clarity.

  • Image Stability

When you are taking a picture with more zoom it is very difficult to stabilize the image. A tripod can help you with this. Also there are some models of cameras which can maintain the image quality even when you are taking a picture of any moving object.

  • Viewfinder

Most of the cameras come with optical viewfinder which helps you to check the frame you are taking. This is a very useful tool.

  • Screen

Some camera don’t come with viewfinders, for them better display screen is good option. You can get LCD and most advanced LED screens with some good cameras.

  • Video Recording

Using digital cameras you can take videos also. Some cameras allow you to take HD and Full HD quality videos.

  • Flash

All most all digital cameras come within built flash, but some cameras do have capability to use an external flash.

  • PC Connectivity

Now a day all most all cameras come with this feature. Some cameras can connect to PC directly and some can’t so they will go with memory card readers.

  • Wi-Fi

This is new feature with latest cameras which can connect to internet via Wi-Fi.

  • Self Timer

Using this feature you can set time to take pictures. So no one misses in the picture while taking it.

  • Battery

Choosing a battery format is very crucial. Some cameras comes with proprietary batteries but most of the cameras support AA type batteries. You have to decide on this before you select any model. Whatever the type of battery you better have a spare for it.

  • Memory

Cameras can have inbuilt memory, memory card support or both. Storing high resolution pictures requires more memory space.

  • Continuous Shots

When you are taking action shots or shooting kids this continuous shots feature helps you a lot. It depends on how speed a camera takes shots per second.

  • Interchangeable Lenses

Some cameras come with an option then can interchange the lenses. Depending upon the situation we can select the lens.

Top Digital Camera Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Nikon Japan
Sony Japan
Canon Japan
Samsung Korea
Kodak USA
Fujifilm Japan
Panasonic Japan

Check List – Before Purchasing Camera

  • Decide your budget
  • Understand your requirements
  • Decide on Battery type
  • Decide on sensor, megapixel & optical zoom
  • Choose the brand
  • Check the features you need
  • Ask for warranty
  • Get Accessories which you need: Pouch, Spare battery set with charger, Memory card, Tripod, External flash, PC connectivity cable

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