Food Processor Buying Guide

Food Processor Buying Guide

Food Processor is very useful in every kitchen. We can use it for all regular cooking activities like chopping, slicing, grating, juice and many more. We can say it is a combination of chopper, juicer, mixer, blender and grinder. This makes our life easier when we have so much and so many items to make. It saves time and also safe to use instead of playing with sharp knifes & peelers.

Simple formula : Food processor = Chopper + Juicer + Mixer + Blender + Grinder

In market we can find food processors with multiple sizes and multiple capacities which we can choose depending on our usage and quantity. It’s a very useful and one time investment to get all features at one go. But don’t forget to check for maximum accessories while buying it.

Food Processor Activities

    • Chopping Making the edibles into smaller pieces.
    • Juicer Extracting juices from fruits and vegetables.
    • Mixing Mixing multiple spices, dry/wet items like cake mix.
    • Blending Blending is more specific mixer helpful for making smoothies & purees.
    • Grinding Making batter and chutneys.
    • Dough Making Mixing flour with a small amount of water and/or other liquids.
    • Whisking Fast stirring with a wired mesh kind of thing.
    • Grating Making food items into fine pieces.
    • Rasping Peeling the outside layers.
    • Slicing Making the food items into thin slices.
    • Shredding Chopping the edibles but the pieces are thin & long.

Food Processor Features

  • Jars & Blades

Get a food processor with more features. Generally more jars and blades means it comes with more features.

  • Capacity

Go for the right capacity one which suits your daily needs to avoid multiple batches.

  • Speed

Should have variable number of speeds which can be used accordingly.

  • Size

The size of the food processor is also important as it does many things and comes with many accessories your kitchen should have space for all of them.

  • Over load Protection

This is must for the safety of the device. These days even mixers are coming with this option.

  • Dish washer safe

Cleaning all the accessories manually is really a pain so checking for dish washer safe is good option when you have one with you.

  • Feed Tube

A wide feed tube is always preferable to process big size food items without chopping them initially.

Top Food Processor Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Philips Netherlands
Morphy Richards UK
Bajaj India
Prestige India
Inalsa Spain
Kenstar India
Maharaja India

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