Iron Box Buying Guide

Iron Buying Guide

Ironing is very routine and essential task, it will be very handy to use personal iron box in times where we can’t go to any professional laundry.

Types of Irons

  • Dry Iron

This type of ironing is the basic and using from very beginning. The main principle of dry ironing is to remove the wrinkles by pressure. All dry iron boxes usually comes with more weight which helps to create pressure.

  • Steam Iron

This type of ironing is modern and made the process very easy so that anyone can use it with less efforts. Those type of iron boxes comes with less weight and more features to make our lives easy.

Compare Iron Types

Dry Iron Steam Iron
Weight More Less
Moisture Manual Auto
Budget Low High
Flexibility Less More

Features of Irons

  • Adjustable heat

It is most important to have a iron box with adjustable heat which saves power and also we can use for multiple fabrics efficiently.

  • Cord

These days we can have cordless irons to iron comfortably, but when going for iron with cord better to have long cord.

  • Auto shut-off

There may be chances that we forgot to switch off the iron box in those cases an iron box with auto power shutting option will come handy.

  • Soleplate

Choosing a good iron box bottom makes your cloths safe while ironing. There are multiple types of soleplates you can find in market:
1. Aluminum
2. Non-stick
3. Stainless steel
3. Ceramic

  • Weight

Depending on who use the iron, its weight matters. Dry irons comes with more weight but steam irons are very light weight.

  • Steam

Whether dry or steam iron we use it is compulsory to moist the cloth to remove the wrinkles. Steam irons avoid manual intervention as we can release steam with a single button press.

Top Iron box Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Orpat India
Philips Netherlands
Morphy Richards UK
Bajaj India
Crompton Greaves India
Panasonic Japan
Usha India
Kenstar India

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