Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop, it covers the gap between a desktop and tablet, it has all advantages from both sides. You can use laptop at your home, office or canteen or in travel. Basic features that the laptop provides are available using a smart phone or tablet but coming to any serious task you definitely go for laptop as it has keyboard that provides you comfort in typing and has good battery backup and more features and more configuration. Long back desktop was replaced by laptop still laptop is best choice for most of the people who want to buy new gadget or to replace the old one.

How to choose a Laptop

  • Purpose

First you need to think about what are you planning to do with your laptop..
To browse and check mails – a minimum configuration system will be enough
To watch movies – you will need good screen resolution and sound system
To play games – you will need dedicated graphics card and good screen resolution
To use professionally – you will need good processor and good RAM

  • Budget

Once you decide what you do with the laptop next step will be your budget, how much you are planning to spend. Select a laptop with bit more features or configuration than you actually need and plan your budget according to it. Because day by day the technical market goes and you can’t upgrade your laptop as like desktop. So you have to plan with considering your future needs.

  • Size

Laptop size matters. Each size is best useful for a particular need. If you have to type more than opting for small size laptop which comes with congested keyboard it will irritate you. Or if you take the laptop with you all the time it is not recommended to have a big size. Depending on how you use your laptop you have to decide its size.

  • Operating System

This is very crucial selecting an operating system mainly depends on how comfortable you are with it.
Windows – Most commonly used OS and provides so many features for users. They are very easy to operate but they charge for the OS. Windows8 is the best and most popular OS now-a-days.
Linux – Its free of cost and some models will come with pre installed Linux. I t also provides so many applications but to use Linux machines you should be familiar with it.
Mac – A very expensive operating system from Apple which is very easily connectable with all Apple products. It provide very good user interface and good performance when compared with Windows but it is very costly affair to get it.
Chrome Book – Provided by Google. It’s very user friendly and light weight. All you need is just browsing and checking mails kind of stuff best option is this.

  • Configuration

Configuration consists so many things:
1. Processor speed
2. RAM size
3. Hard Disk size
4. Graphics card
5. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth technology
You have to consider your needs before deciding the configuration. If you don’t use much then it is not advisable to spend so much amount on anything.

  • Brand

The brand matters for so many people, they will compromise on other things but not on brand. Choosing brand depends on the features they provide, the design of the laptop and mainly the support they provide. Some brands provide good warranty even extended warranty feature on particular periods.

  • Battery Life

When you travel much battery life is the major thing you need to consider about. So many USB devices are available these days which consumes power from laptops, if you are using them then you should have more battery backup. Better to replace the battery before your laptop warranty expires, some manufacturers provides free replacement if you raise any complaint on battery backup.

Other Features to check in Laptop

  • Keypad
  • Touchpad
  • Webcam
  • Multimedia short cuts
  • USB ports
  • HDMI port
  • LAN port
  • Memory card reader
  • Graphics card
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Speaker quality
  • Finger print reader

Top Laptop Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Lenovo China
Apple USA
Acer China
Toshiba Japan
Dell USA
Sony Japan
Fujitsu Japan

Check List – Before Purchasing Laptop

  • List out your need for i.e. what will you use it for.
  • Decide your budget.
  • Choose the best size of laptop which suits you.
  • Check the configuration.
  • Choose the OS.
  • Choose the brand and model.
  • Check the battery backup.
  • Ask for extended warranty.
  • Check any accessories they are providing if you bargain.
  • Check any EMI facility they are offering.
  • Enquiry 3 or 4 shops for the best quotation, you can even research online as well.
  • Go for the authorized dealer.

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  1. Your suggestion about extended warranty is very valuable. When you buying a laptop then RAM is important thing. You need 4GB of RAM or more to get the best out of your system. More RAM allows for more applications to be run at the same time, and for more data to be quickly accessible by the system at any one time.

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