LED Bulb Buying Guide

LED Bulb Buying Guide

We have so many options for lighting but latest and most energy efficient way of lighting is from LED(Light Emitting Diode). This technology saves lot of energy when compared with previous technologies like CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamp) & ICL(Standard Incandescent Lamp).

LEDs are made up of a material called a semiconductor. When an electrical current is passed through this solid material, its individual atoms become excited and release energy in the form of light.

LEDs are relatively efficient compared to incandescent light bulbs: They use about one tenth the energy to produce the same amount of light.

Types of Lighting Technologies

  • Incandescent

These are the basic and very regular mode of lighting used from very long time. The bulbs which are made of this technology will be available at cheaper prices compared to other bulbs.

  • CFL

These we can say 2nd generation bulbs which came like a revolution and turned many people to use them. These are power savers when compared to conventional bulbs i.e. incandescent bulbs.

  • LED

LED, this word changed the future of lighting world. LED bulbs are not only power savers but very important is they are eco friendly and long lasting. Yeah, they are bit costly to buy but when you compare the features it provides.. you won’t try other option, they are the best in long run.

Compare Lighting Technologies

Incandescent CFL LED
Investment Low High Very High
Power Consumption High Medium Very Less
Life Span Low Medium High
CO2 Emission High Medium Low
Toxicity No Yes No
Durable No No Yes
Power Consumption
(Sample Comparison)
60 watts 14 watts 7 watts

Top LED Bulb Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Philips Netherlands
OSRAM Germany
Havells India
Wipro India
Bajaj India
Eveready India
Oreva India
Moser Baer India
Surya India

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