Mobile Buying Guide

Mobile Buying Guide

Choosing a right mobile for you depends on how you use it. You will find lots of mobiles with many features and models in market. Nowadays mobile became a combination of phone, music player & digital camera and much more.

Types of Mobile Phones

  • Basic Mobile Phones

If you want basic features of phone like text and call only then this is the best option for you.

  • Business Mobile Phones

You will get a qwerty keypad with these models, it will be handy for business purpose with text and emails kind of stuff.

  • Smart Mobile Phones

These phones will come with all the features, whatever you name it. Based on your budget you can get the features.

Basic Features of Mobile Phones

  • Display

You will find the display of phones from less than 2 inch to bigger than 4 inch, and they can be with or without touch screen.

  • Keypad

You can find 3 types of keypads : basic 12 button, qwerty keypad or touchpad.

  • SIM Slots

In market you can find one, two or 4 SIM slot(s). But don’t forget, more SIM cards in your mobile generates more radiation.

  • Memory

You have to consider 2 types of memory : Internal & External
More Internal memory gives more performance. Applications can be installed on both internal and external memory. You can extend the external memory till the device supports.

  • Battery Backup

If you use many applications in your phone better check for the good battery backup mobile. You will find mobiles with different types of batteries but main objective should be long backup.

  • OS

Previously we had only proprietary mobile phone operating systems in the market but now a days you will find different type of operating systems that are used by more than one manufacturer.

Advanced Features of Mobile Phones

  • Camera

When looking for camera don’t confuse about the mega pixel mess just check the photo clarity of course good mega pixel gives better quality. If you are looking for video calling then don’t forget front camera. Also when you use camera in dark areas better you get flash.

  • Network Support

Accessing internet over mobile phone is became common now. Based on your usage you have multiple options to choose network support like 2G, 3G & 4G.

  • Connectivity

There are so many types of connectivity you can choose from like Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI

  • GPS

Global Positioning System, helps to track the exact position you are at on map.

Top Mobile Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Samsung Korea
Nokia Finland
Micromax India
Karbonn India
Apple Inc USA
HTC Taiwan
Blackberry Canada
Lava India
LG South Korea
Sony Japan

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