Motorcycle Buying Guide

Motorcycle Buying Guide

Nowadays motorcycle became very needy for every family because of so many reasons. Motorcycle will come handy when you want to maintain time and you have less public transport facility and mostly when compared the cost of public transportation in terms of time & money.

How to choose a Motorcycle

  • Budget

Your first step is to fix your budget. There are so many institutions to finance your purchase; you can opt for this as well.

  • Pickup vs Mileage

Another main aspect to choose is you want more pickup or more Mileage. As some motorcycles have more Mileage and some others come with more pickup.

  • Displacement(CC)

Technically, ‘the volume of air displaced per centimeter when a cylinder valve rotates once’ is called as displacement and is calculated in Cubic Centimeters. More CC means more engine power.

  • Features

What are the features you want? Like: Brake type, Auto start, Mileage, Fuel tank capacity, Speedometer type, Trip meter, Fuel indicator, Seat height, Tube less tire, Helmet lock, Storage capacity etc..

  • Brand

Any brand preference you have..

  • Service centers

Availability of service centers near where you stay. And the quality of service they provide.

Top Motorcycle Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Hero Motocorp India
Bajaj Auto India
Honda Japan
TVS India
Suzuki Japan
Yamaha Japan
Mahindra India

Check List – Before Purchasing Motorcycle

  • Never decide on other’s suggestion. Gather all the information and try to match with your requirements.
  • Do test drive yourself before deciding.
  • Go with authorized dealers.
  • Buy insurance yourself rather from dealers.
  • Check for Extended warranty options.
  • Don’t depend on oral promises from dealers make it paper and get signed.
  • Consult 3 or 4 shops to get best quotes on accessories.
  • Don’t skip the helmet

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