Printer Buying Guide

Printer Buying Guide

Choosing a printer is bit difficult.. lets discuss about different types of printers and features they provide so that finally we hope you will be in a position to get a clear idea on what you want.

Types of Printers by Technology

  • Laser Printers

It is the most used printer now a days with quick output and great quality generally used for text and graphics. With help of electrically charged powdered ink the laser beam generates the output which turns onto paper.

  • Inkjet Printers

These are most commonly used printer because of bit low cost in price when compared to laser printers. But of course few models comes with high cost than the laser ones. Inkjet printers make good quality graphics even when compared with Laser ones. Series of ink droplets will be propelled to generated the output from these printers.

  • Photo Printer

When the purpose of buying printer is to print photos then go for these photo specific printers with great quality above all other printers. We can connect with these printers with USB or memory cards to take prints/photos.

  • Dot-matrix Printers

These are obsolete yet used by very few where these are installed long back. These printers produce very slow output also not good in quality. But mostly used for multi-part documents.

Features of Printers

  • Print or Single function

When we need only printing pages and concerned about budget better we go for these printers which provides only printing feature.

  • All-in-one

These printers provide multiple features like print, copy and scan also few models comes with fax function as well.

  • Wi-Fi

When the printer is for home purpose better go with printers with Wi-Fi which don’t need to be connected to print any. We can take prints from any part of the house.

  • Connectivity

Generally for office purpose the printers will be connected over a network to be accessible to all users.

  • Card Slots

These days USB connectivity to any device is made compulsory and new model printers are coming with USB slot and few with memory card slots as well.

  • Paper Size

You must think about the paper sizes you want to print before deciding the printer as all papers formats are not supported with most of the printers available in market. Generally all printers support A4 size.

  • Resolution

Printer resolution depends in dpi(dots per inch). If you are looking for high quality prints then go for more resolution supported ones. Basic resolution we can get is about 600*600.

  • Speed

Laser prints gives you the best speed in printing. When we need to print lot of documents frequently and quality can be bit compromised then better go for laser printers.

  • Print Quality

With inkjet printer we can get good quality graphics when compared to laser but these will also cost more as ink cartridges are costly than laser toners.

  • Paper Handling

All printers can’t handle lot of papers at a time. When we want to print a lot of papers and the printer tray can’t hold many papers at a time that will be a hell and we need to load the papers frequently.

  • Duplex print

This one is good feature to have to be able to print on both sides of the paper automatically instead of manually operating.

  • Touch pad

High end printers comes with a touch pad to change and adjust the properties of the document to be processed.

Top Printer Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Canon Japan
Dell USA
Samsung South Korea
Brother USA
Epson Japan
Kyocera Japan
Ricoh Japan
Panasonic Japan

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