Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator is most useful machine in every kitchen.

Types of refrigerator by cooling system

  • Direct Cooling

The direct cooling system usually comes with single door refrigerators. This kind of fridge needs to be defrosted either by automatic, manual or semi automatic.

  • Frost Free Cooling

Frost free cooling system is most advanced which circulates cool air continuously so no question of frosting. Starting from double door refrigerators this cooling system is available.

  • Cyclic Cooling

Cyclic cooling systems has unique defrost mechanism which auto evaporates the frost.

Compare Refrigerators (by cooling system)

Direct Cooling Frost Free Cooling Cyclic Cooling
Budget Economical Expensive Economical
Defrost Manual Automatic Automatic
Power Consumption Low High Low
Maintenance Less Bit high Less

Types of Refrigerators (by number of doors)

  • Single Door

This is conventional model with only one main door and whole inner body is separated into 3 parts i.e. freezer in upper portion, refrigerator in middle portion and a small vegetable basket in the bottom.

  • Double Door

This is most popular model which comes with two doors one is for purely freezer and another contains both refrigerator and vegetable basket. Based on the position of the freezer door we have 2 types:
1. Top Freezer – freezer will be at top.
2. Bottom Freezer – freezer will be at bottom.

  • Triple Door

With triple door model all 3 units has separate doors. Freezer, refrigerator and vegetables units have separate sections and cooling mechanism will differ in all 3 sections.

  • Side by Side Door

In this model both freezer and refrigerator sections will be side by side i.e. left and right. This model often comes with an ice/ water dispensers.

  • French Door

Another popular and luxurious model which is a combination of both side by side and bottom freezer models.

Compare Refrigerators (by number of doors)

Single Door Double Door Triple Door Side by Side Door French Door
Budget Economical Bit Expensive Bit Expensive Expensive Very Expensive
Power Consumption Low High High High High
Size Small Bit High High High High
Defrost Manual Auto Auto Auto Auto

There are some other types of refrigerators like:

  • Compact Refrigerator

This is very small in size with single door. For office and houses with less space these compact models suits the best.

  • Commercial Refrigerator

These refrigerators are suitable for shops with huge storage content. A common commercial refrigerator is beverage cooler. These models are typically designed for specific re-load conditions; generally have a larger cooling system.

Top Refrigerator Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
LG Korea
Samsung Korea
Godrej India
Videocon India
Whirlpool USA

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