Rice Buying Guide | Rice Types

Rice Buying Guide

The most common ingredient of India kitchen is Rice. Based on location and their habits people use different types of rice. Actually there are thousands of rice types available in all over the world.

Types of Rice – By Size

Based on the size of the rice grain we can broadly categorize into 3 types:

  • Long Rice : When the length of grain is more than 3 or 4 times of the width then we can say it as long rice.
  • Medium Rice : When the length of grain is around double of its width then we can say it as medium rice.
  • Short Rice : When the length of grain is all most same as the width then we can say it as short rice.

Types of Rice – By Color

When we classify the rice based on its color then the following are few most famous types of rice.

  • White Rice : This is most commonly used type of rice in all places. This is also called as milled rice or polished rice. When the hull and bran layers of the grain is removed then we can say it is polished rice.
  • Brown Rice : When only hull layer is removed and heeps the bran layer we can call it as brown rice. It is very healthy when compared with polished rice since it keeps all the good qualities of bran layer.
  • Red Rice : This type of rice also maintains its bran layer which gives the reddish color to it.
  • Black Rice : Some call this as forbidden rice and mostly used in chinese receipes.
  • Wild Rice : This is not actually a rice grain but is treated as rice and is most commmonly used in North America.

Types of Rice – By Aroma

Few rice types gives a pleasent smell when cooked the following are the common types you can find:

  • Basmati Rice : Most commonly used rice in Indian receipes particularly used for special items.
  • Jasmine Rice : Its a Thai special when cooked its very soft and tastes good.

Forms of Rice

Based on the processed types and techniques we can classify the rice into following forms:

  • Rough Rice : This is the original whole grain with all layers of it unremoved means direct produced one. We can’t consume rice in this form.
  • Brown Rice : When we remove the top layer of rice grain i.e. hull layer then we can call it as Brown rice this can be cookedd and consumed but takes more cooking because of its thick bran layer.
  • Milled Rice : This is very common form of rice consumed all over India which is polished throughly to remove the both hull and bran layers of grain.
  • Parboiled Rice : This is also one of the common rice form used alternative to milled rice. This is generated by compressing the rough rice with hard steam and then it is polished.

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