Television Buying Guide

Television Buying Guide

Having TV became common these days and it became part of every family. It moved from luxury and comfort to necessity zone. Choosing a TV is very difficult and need to consider so many parameters.

Types of Television (by display technology)

  • CRT

The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube containing one or more electron guns (a source of electrons or electron emitter) and a fluorescent screen used to view images An image is produced by controlling the intensity of each of the three electron beams, one for each additive primary color (red, green, and blue) with a video signal as a reference.

  • LCD

The liquid-crystal display (LCD) use liquid crystal compressed between two glass plates; an image is created when electricity is applied to these crystals.

  • Plasma

The Plasma display uses small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases which produces image.

  • LED

The light-emitting diodes (LED) are same like LCD but only difference is their back lighting system which use LEDs.

Compare Televisions (by Display Technology)


Budget Very Economical Economical Bit Expensive Expensive
Size Very big Compact Compact Compact
Brightness Good Not good in direct sun light Suitable for dark rooms Not good in bright lighting
Clarity OK Good Good Very Good
Energy Consumption High Low Depends, but higher than LCD Depends, but lower than LCD
Radiation High Low High Low
Weight Heavy Light Heavy Light
Viewing Angle Very limited Limited Wide Wide

Television Features to consider

Display technology HDMI ports USB ports
Supported audio/ video formats Screen size HD or Full HD
Smart TV 3D TV Buit in Wi-Fi

Top Television Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Samsung Korea
LG Korea
Sony Japan
Panasonic Japan
Videocon India
Philips Netherlands
Toshiba Japan
Sharp Japan
Haier China
Onida Japan

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