Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Purchasing a washing machine is a long term investment for around 15 years, so before taking any decision you should consider your growing needs of your family. Next step is to consider your budget as it plays major impact on your decision. Once you decide your budget it is very easy to move on.

You will find numerous numbers of models in market to choose from with a great range of budget starting from 5,000 to 80,000. As your budget increases the quality of wash, comfort and more features you get.

Types of Washing Machines

  • Semi Automatic

As the name quotes these models needs manual intervention in washing procedure. Actually you will 2 tubs with this model one of washing and the other for drying.
The advantages of this model are less expensive so when you are tight in budget this is your best option. And it is very quick in washing even no need for continuous water supply throughout the wash cycle. And the maintenance cost with these models is very less.
The disadvantages are the wash quality is not so good and consumes more space and finally it needs manual intervention to shift the cloths from one washing tub to drying tub.

  • Fully Automatic

With this fully automatic machines just load your cloths to wash and set the program and relax your life is easy now. These models have only one wash tub for both washing and drying, once you start it will automatically does everything for you soaking, washing and drying but of course you have to remove your cloths once it beeps on completion of whole cycle.
The advantages with these models are you get good wash quality with so many options depending on the wash load and cloth material. As these are single tub less space it consumes. Finally no manual intervention needed in middle.
The disadvantages are, bit expensive and needs connected water source as it consumes more water and loads water automatically as per the need.

There are 2 variants with this model:

    • Top Load – Cloths need to be loaded from top, it is the starting range in fully automatic type.
    • Front Load – Cloths need to be loaded from front, this is advanced range in fully automatic type.

Compare different types of Washing Machines


Semi Automatic Fully Automatic
Top Load Front Load
Budget Low Medium High
Wash Quality Low Good High
Water Consumption More More Less
Energy Efficiency Less Less More
Noise High Medium Low
Space Required More Less Less
Manual Intervention Needed No Need No Need
Hot Wash No Selected models All
Wash Cycle Very Fast Fast Slow


Features of Washing Machines

  • Agitator

Agitator comes with few models of top load washing machines which gives hand like wash means good wash quality. This is not good for delicate cloths. If you use more delicate cloths and going for top load machine then check foe impeller models instead agitator.

  • Wash Capacity

Basic estimation is one pair of cloths means 1 KG wait in terms of washing machines. You have to select higher capacity machines if your wash load is high. There are so many sizes available in market and medium size is a 6 KG machine.

  • Washtub Material

There are 3 types of wash material you find: Plastic, Stainless Steel and steel coated Porcelain. Plastic comes cheaper and Stainless steel is very costly. Your washing frequency decides the material you have to go with. Stainless steel tub is very strong and give more life span than a plastic tub. Use Porcelain tubs with very carefully as there is a tendency for these to lose their top layer.

  • Spin Speed

More spin speed means more water drained leads to less time to dry. There so many models with option to change the spin speed based on the cloths loaded. Don’t use washing machine at more spin speed when washing delicate cloths which damages the fabric.

  • Hot Wash

All front load washing machines comes with hot water wash but few models in top load machines support this. Hot water wash is very useful when you are washing blankets kind of things which needs a bit hard wash.

  • Child Lock

When you have kids in your house better go with this option which comes with a code protected to start any program. It will not allow you to start the wash unless you provide the code.

  • Auto Drain

In semi automatic machines you have to manually drain the water whenever it is needed but with fully automatic machines you no need to bother about this.

  • Auto Dispenser

Some washing machines come with auto dispenser feature which is to load detergent. You just need to full the detergent not only per wash but multiple washes, the machine automatically use the detergent how much quantity it needs.

  • Steam

Another good feature with some washing machines is steam wash which helps in removing stains and bacteria effectively and gives the freshness to the cloths.

Top Washing Machine Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
LG Korea
IFB India
Samsung Korea
Whirlpool USA
Videocon India
Godrej India
Bosch Germany
Siemens Germany

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