Wet Grinder Buying Guide

Wet Grinder Buying Guide

For Indians especially for southern Indians wet grinder is very useful for the kind of their food habits. The batter you get with grinder is far better than the same with regular mixers.

Types of Wet Grinders (by Usage)

  • Regular Wet Grinders

These come with big size accommodating more load. Generally these grinders are used for commercial purpose but of course a big family need this as need more quantity.

  • Table Top Wet Grinders

It’s like pet in kitchen. These are suitable for small loads and will occupy very little space in kitchen. It is best suitable for a small family.

  • Tilting Wet Grinders

These are similar to table tops but can tilt the grinding unit to collect the batter which make life easier. It will be handy to all and great help for older people.

Compare Wet Grinders Types

Regular Wet Grinders Table Top Wet Grinders Tilting Wet Grinders
Size Big Small Small
Load Capacity Huge Medium Medium
Space Required More Less Less
Cleaning Bit difficult Easy Easy
Tilting No No Yes

Wet Grinder Features

  • Capacity

We can found many grinders with different capacity in market. This is the first parameter to consider when purchasing a grinder.

  • Drum Material

Wet grinders comes with a drum and stone at bottom. Always go for stainless steel drum which gives longer lifetime.

  • Overload Protection

Some models are coming with overload protection, this will help the system not to fail completely.

  • Tilting

In table top wet grinders we have an important feature tilting facility. With this we can slope the drum to collect the batter from it.

  • Extra Attachments

Some grinders are coming with extra attachments like coconut grater and Atta mixer etc.

  • Number of Stones

It definitely matter that the number of stones a grinder has. 2 stone grinders are regular better go with 3 stone grinders.

  • Stones Shape

You can find 2 types of stone shapes Cylindrical & Conical. Seems conical shaped one gives more better batter.

Top Wet Grinder Brands (In Indian market)

Brand Country
Ultra India
Sowbhagya India
Preethi India
Butterfly India
Prestige India
Bajaj India
Premier India

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