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Benefits of Ginger

Although essentially an herb, Ginger is also known as a spice with healing properties.

  1. Ginger enhances your immune system by adding a piece of ginger to your meals and beverages.
  2. Adding cinnamon and ginger to your tea not only enhances its flavor but also stimulates digestion in the body.
  3. Ginger acts as a soothing agent for the stomach.

Benefits and need of Good Sleep

Benefits and need of Good Sleep:

  1. Sleep is the body’s way of healing and refueling
  2. Lack of sleep has shown to have a disastrous impact on the overall health, not to mention the trauma it causes to the brain, affecting mental health, productivity and mood.
  3. Every one must have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day

Precautions to have good sleep:

  1. Avoid going to bed hungry or immediately after a heavy meal. The discomfort may keep you up.
  2. The stimulating effects of nicotine and caffeine may also hamper your quality of sleep.
  3. Swimming also helps in weight management, reduces stress levels, strengthens muscles, promotes sound sleep and lowers the risk of many illnesses.
  4. The best solution is a digital detox an hour before bedtime, so avoid digital devices like mobile, computer and TV just before going to bed.

Benefits of Water Intake


  1. Early in the morning, we are dehydrated as our body has been without fluids for past many hours.
  2. Start your day with a huge glass of water to boost your metabolic rate
  3. Increase in your water intake can help in flushing out urea found in the urine and is extremely toxic for the body.
  4. Accumulation of urea in the body can drain out your energy levels and lack of energy is often linked to high sugar cravings. Which can be avoided with more water intake.
  5. Dehydration causes the body to retain water.
  6. Sometimes your body needs more water to work more efficiently.
  7. Water mixes with water soluble fiber and makes it into a gel like substance. This reduces the symptom of bloating.
  8. Doctors’ advice to drink plenty of water as it reduces the risk of developing kidney problems.

Benefits of Basil (Tulsi)


  1. Tulsi or Basil has medicinal properties and is an excellent antibiotic.
  2. We can eat tulsi leaves, drink juice or can add it to tea.
  3. Tulsi builds immunity and stabilizes your existing health condition.
  4. Tulsi is an amazing herb that is known to combat cough, cold and diseases related to the lungs, heart and bladder.
  5. Tulsi is extremely effective against Dengue & Malaria.
  6. Adding basil to your tea not only gives it a strong flavor but also provides heat to the body.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo Variants

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo Variants

Patanjali Hair cleansers/ shampoos – Safety for hair and treatment for diseases. This gives beauty to the hairs, treating dryness and dandruffs. `Bhrigraj`, myrtle (mahendi), acadia concinna (shikakai) and emblic myrobalan (aola), give new strength to the hairs. Soap nut (ritha), margosa (neem), Indian valerian (tagar), esculent fiacurtia (bakuchi) and turmeric, fights with the insecticides and are effective disinfectants, particularly in the root of hairs. Aloe vera, `aola` and `kesh kanti` stops hair loss and hair turning grey and keeps up shinning.

 Patanjali-Kesh-Kanti-Natural-shampoo  Patanjali-Kesh-Kanti-milk-protein-shampoo  Patanjali-Kesh-Kanti-antidandruff-shampoo
Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural shampoo Patanjali Kesh Kanti milk protein shampoo Patanjali Kesh Kanti antidandruff shampoo
useful in Dryness of hair & Roughness of hair. controls hair fall and Improves hair glow Useful in Dryness and Roughness of hair . It controls hair fall and improves hair shine. Contains Rosemary & Tea tree oil which removes dandruff from hairs  and enhances hair glow.
 Patanjali-Kesh-Kanti-reeta-shampoo  Patanjali-Kesh-Kanti-shikakai-shampoo  Patanjali-Kesh-Kanti-aloevera-shampoo
Patanjali Kesh Kanti reeta shampoo Patanjali Kesh Kanti shikakai shampoo Patanjali Kesh Kanti aloevera shampoo
Useful in dryness & roughness of hair. Prevents hair fall & improves hair shine Nourishes the hair and enhances hair glow. Prevents hair fall, Minimize split ends, Removes dirt from hair & scalp.

Usage Directions : Apply 2-5 ml on wet hair, massage gently for 1 minute and then rinse with water.
Caution : For external use only.
Side Effects : Since all are ayurvedic products no side effects are seen till now for these products.


Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste Variants

Patanjali Dant Kanti is a herbal toothpaste made from precious herbs for oral and dental care. As of today there are 4 variants of danth kanthi toothpastes available in the market.

Let’s have a look about all the dant kanti toothpaste variants along with the benefits of each variant.

Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste Patanjali Dant Kanti Medicated Toothpaste Patanjali Dant Kanti Advanced Toothpaste Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior Herbal Toothpaste
patanjali-dant-kanti-toothpaste patanjali-dant-kanti-medicated-toothpaste patanjali-dant-kanti-advanced-toothpaste patanjali-dant-kanti-junior-toothpaste
Who can use Adults Adults Adults Kids
Suggested for Strong, White, Healthy Teeth and Gums Hot-cold sensation gingivitis Toothache, Halitosis, Gingival Bleeding and periodontal diseases Cavities and germs
Other Benefits Fights against : germs, tightens gums to close gaps, stops bleeding of gums, Gingivitis, Toothache, Bad Breath & Spongy bleeding Gums.
Whitens your teeth and remove plaque.
Fights against: toothache, bad breath and spongy bleeding gums Fight against: dental problems like pyorrhea, bleeding & swollen gums, sensitivity, bad breath and yellowing of teeth.
Gives effective protection and long life to teeth and gums by making them healthy.
Fights against: cavities, fight germs and maintains oral hygiene. It is also useful in gingivitis, toothache  and spongy bleeding gums.
Usage Twice a day in early morning and in evening after dinner or as directed by the dentist or a physician Twice a day in early morning and in evening after dinner or as directed by the dentist or a physician Twice a day in early morning and in evening after dinner or as directed by the dentist or a physician Twice a day in early morning and in evening after dinner or as directed by the dentist or a physician

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How to take care of eyes when working with computers

How to take care of eyes when working with computers!!

Spending too much time with computers/laptops  causes eye strain and results in visibility problems. With so many of us working with computers at work and home for long hours computer eye strain become very common complaint these days.

Most of the people don’t even blink their eyes for long periods at work.. it affects very badly. When eyes get dried they get tired very fast resulting low productivity.

It is observed that one in every 2 persons using computers are suffering from eye issues like eye stress, dry eyes & irritated eyes and finally headaches. Now it has a name as well “Computer Vision Syndrome”.

We can take some precautions to reduce the risk of eye problems listed below:

  1. Regular eye checkup : Get habituated with regular eye checkup even if you don’t have any problems and take suggestions or precautions from your doctor. Generally eye test every year is preferable.
  2. Lighting around you : Position of your computer can fix so many problems.
    • Never place your computer with front or rear lighting whether it is outdoor or interior.
    • Lighting should come from sides or at least from top.
    • Too much bright or dim lighting both are not good.
  3. Computer brightness
    • Better to switch to LCD or LED monitors instead of old CRT monitors
    • Adjust your computer monitor’s brightness with same as your surrounding lighting
    • Use anti-glare screens for monitors
    • Whatever you read.. font/text size should not be low, increase it.
  4. Blink your eye more often : Blinking will moist your eyes by making them wet.
  5. Do some eye exercises frequently : Eye exercise if not big task. Two basic exercises for you..
    • After every 20 to 30 minutes, look at any object which is far at least 20 feet for 30 seconds.
    • After every 20 to 30 minutes, write your name on a wall with your eyes without moving your head.
  6. Take frequent breaks from work

Post-Workout Nutrition

Post-Workout Nutrition

Well, it is very important to have good post-workout meal to recover from the exhausted workout. Many concentrates more on pre-workout food and selection of exercise or workout types but skips the post-workout food.

Many people complain about how tired they are after a workout and shows it as a reason to skip the next day workout. This is because they are skipping the post-workout meal. This helps to improve the muscle protein growth and gives strength to continue your daily routine after your workout.

Three main things to consume after an intensive workout are : Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fat.

Protein, helps Repair and Build Muscle

Carbohydrates, it helps to restore your body’s levels of glycogen

Healthy Fat, not all fats are harm to your body but healthy fat is crucial for absorbing vitamins A and E

Also the timing of post-workout meal is also crucial. A study says it is better to have your post-workout meal within 45 minutes to 2 hours after your workout.

Foods that you can consider as your post-workout meal are:

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Orange juice
  3. Banana or Pineapple
  4. Sweet potato
  5. Dry fruits and nuts
  6. Whole grains
  7. Green tea

And the last but not the least tip is to drink lots of water to compensate the loss of water happens during your workout to re-hydrate your body.

Doing workout is just half the business but maintaining your body strength is very important which can be balanced with a good post-workout meal.