Meaning of color codes on toothpaste tube

Color codes on Toothpaste has a meaning!!!

Toothpaste Color Codes

Do you ever observed any color codes on the toothpaste you are using?

Do you ever think what these codes means really?

Let us explain about these color codes bit detailed. Every toothpaste has a mark on the bottom of the tube. Has it a close relation with the content inside of it??

Generally we can see 4 types of color codes : Green, Blue, Red & Black.

We received so many circulations on this claiming that these color codes means:

  • Green = Natural
  • Blue    = Natural + Medicine
  • Red    = Natural + Chemicals
  • Black  = Pure Chemicals

Finally we think it is rumor.

The color codes has nothing to do with the content of the tooth paste. It’s just misguiding towards it by claiming it as a health tip.

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