Sri Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy Vari Devasthanam, Kasapuram

Kasapuram Temple History

In the rule of Sri Krishna Devaraya to the Vijayanagaram Kingdom his Guru Sri Vyasarayaluvaru went on tour to attain religious austerities. While he was on tour, he stayed at Village called “Silpagiri” now called as “Chippagiri” Lord Sri Anjaneya Swamy appeared before Sri Vyasaraya in his dream and advised him to consecrate his idol at place, where the dried Margosa stick will emerge as live tree. Accordingly, Sri Vyasarayalu Varu made prathista of Sri Anjaneya Swamy idol (Swayambhu)at a place called Nettikallu where he saw the dried margosa stick emerged as a live tree and have the deity is called “Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy”.

Generally, the people who will sutter from uncured diseases, Grahas and intluenced by Devils will be treated with Margosa leaves. Chanting Mantras and as such the deity is consecrated at such place as advised by Sri Anjaneya Swamy to Sri Vyasaraya will attract more number of such persons through out the year. It is the staunch belief that Sri Anjaneya Swamy appearing to the devotees in their dreams and fulfilling their wishes and remedying their ailments. Hence, the number of pilgrims are increased day-by-day and attracting thousands of pilgrims on every Saturday.

Kasapuram is one of the places visited by Sri Vysaraya, the spiritual guru, who ruled the Vijayanagara Kingdom for one hour thirty six minutes (4 Ghadis) to ward off the evil “ Kuhuia” that has afficted the king Sri Krishnadevaraya. Vyasaraya in his divine form was known as Sumbhakarna who used to assist Lord Brahma in performing the daily worship.Ultimately they offered many number of coconuts with all prayers- modesty kneeling before the new idol afford “MAGALHARATHI” etc. They declared the ideal of “SWAYAMBHU” and tendered number of coconuts. The coconuts water flowed into the channel to a distance of more than one and a quarter acres. The indication of this led to the modification in the usage of the Tamil word “KANIPARAKAM” and later pronounced as KANIPAKAM. Even today the idol is in the original well and the springs of the well are perennial and the eternal. During the rainy season, the holy water from the well overflows even today.

In Kaliyuga in the 14 th century he was born as “Vyasaraya” . In the next birth it would appear he was born as Raghavendra Swamy in Mantralaya. Sree Vyasaraya was the most favoured disciple of Lord Anjaneya and had the opportunity to see the Lord in his true form.Vyasaraya would never take his food without offering prayers to the Lord. It is said and believed that Vyasaraya installed the Idols of Sree Lord Anjaneya in the Districts of Bellary, Anantapur and Kurnool which formed part of Vijayanagar empire. During the course of his nationwide tour Vyasaraya stayed at the ashram of Vijaya Dasara Teertha Swamy at Silpagiri (now Chippagiri in Kurnool Dt).During the course of the soujourn at Silpagiri one day Vyasaraya in his dream saw Nettikanti Anjaneyaswamy, who it is said informed Vyasaraya that he was underneath the soil and over it was to be seen withered neem Tree and that it would become fresh the moment Vyasaraya reaches the said spot. He disappeared so saying.The next day Vyasaraya visited the then known village, Nettikallu, and located the place which the Lord had told him in his dream.

The moment Vyasaraya visited the site, with the touch of his feet the withered tree started bearing fresh leaves.Immediately he sent for the village elders and dug at the site for the 10 feet Idol of Lord Anjaneya. The Idol glowing in all its divine splendour, was taken out and was reinstalled at the present site with full religious rites. The Swamy sent for the ancestors of present Archakas and gave instructions to them in respect of Archana,Dhoopam.Deepa,Nyvedya offerings etc. He stayed there for some time engaged in “Anushtana” . He offered his tapophala to Lord Anjaneya and left the place. The Idol sees “South” with his face directed towards East. He is Poorvabhimukhi. The Idol is carved in such a manner that he is patiently hearing the supplications of his devoted devotees. He looks as though he is ready to come to their rescue and the same is evidenced by, his “Abhayahasta”. Clad in “Kaupeena”, his left hand, his Abhayahasta – placed firmly on the waist, club in his hand, simultaneously crushing various Idols, representing evil spirits, is projected in an inimitable style.The super divine loveliness of the Idol can be witnessed during the time of Abhisheka.The Idol is full of animation. The decoration of the Idol by temple priests adds to the splendourous glowing of the Idol

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