Health Benefits of Cardamom

Health Benefits of Cardamom :

  1. Cardamom has excellent detoxifying properties that are known to keep the body cool from within even during the hottest weather conditions.
  2. Cardamom is a thermogenic herb which is known to enhance the metabolic process thereby burning maximum fats in less time.
  3. This ingredient also plays an important role in soothing the digestive system which in turn helps the body to process all kinds of foods easily.
  4. Adding cinnamon and cardamom to Lassi, improves appetite.
  5. This may help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms. It’s also used for bronchitis and coughs.
  6. Cardamom has some anti-inflammatory properties that limit pain and swelling, especially in mucus membranes, the mouth, and throat.
  7. Cardamom is an anti-spasmodic that can help get rid of hiccups.
  8. Cardamom is a cure for bad breath. Apart from its trait that helps in curing bad breath, cardamom is also used for mouth ulcers and mouth infections.
  9. One of the benefits of cardamom is that it can provide you with fair skin and with it’s antibacterial properties it can be used as an antiseptic to treat skin allergies.
  10. Cardamom helps in strengthening the roots, thereby helping you gain strong hair. It is also known to provide shine and lustre to your hair.

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