Health Benefits of Lemon

Health Benefits of Lemon :

  1. Drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body.
  2. Lemons contain no saturated fats or cholesterol.
  3. Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies
  4. It helps prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases
  5. Lemon water also helps relieve indigestion or ease an upset stomach.
  6. Lemon water benefits the enzyme functions in your body, stimulating the liver and flushing out toxins.
  7. Lemon water has a high potassium content – depression and anxiety are often linked to not having enough potassium in your blood.
  8. Daily one lemon is estimated to reduce high blood pressure.
  9. Drinking lemon water can help dissolve not only those but gallstones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits as well means fights against kidney stones.
  10. Lemons have been known to help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis.

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