Health Benefits of Mango

Health Benefits of Mango :

  1. Mango is known as the king of fruits, Mangoes contain vital nutrients, antioxidants.
  2. Also contains phytonutrients including ‘pectin’ which is known to play an important role in the prevention of summer ailments.
  3. Raw mangoes promote Liver Health.
  4. Raw mangoes contain acids that promote secretion of bile and play an important role in keeping the intestines free from bacterial infections.
  5. When compared to ripe mangoes, the green ones also contain more Vitamin C and cancer-fighting antioxidants.
  6. Antioxidants like quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat present in mango protect the body against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers.
  7. Mango has high level of vitamin C, pectin and fibres that help to lower serum cholesterol levels.
  8. Mango is a rich source of potassium, which is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure.
  9. Mango is rich in iron, hence it is a great natural solution for people suffering from anemia. Menopausal and pregnant women can indulge in mangoes as this will increase their iron levels and calcium at the same time.
  10. Mangoes help you unclog your pores and add freshness to the face. It makes skin glow and treats blackheads also has anti-aging benefits.

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