How to take care of eyes when working with computers

How to take care of eyes when working with computers!!

Spending too much time with computers/laptopsĀ  causes eye strain and results in visibility problems. With so many of us working with computers at work and home for long hours computer eye strain become very common complaint these days.

Most of the people don’t even blink their eyes for long periods at work.. it affects very badly. When eyes get dried they get tired very fast resulting low productivity.

It is observed that one in every 2 persons using computers are suffering from eye issues like eye stress, dry eyes & irritated eyes and finally headaches. Now it has a name as well “Computer Vision Syndrome”.

We can take some precautions to reduce the risk of eye problems listed below:

  1. Regular eye checkup : Get habituated with regular eye checkup even if you don’t have any problems and take suggestions or precautions from your doctor. Generally eye test every year is preferable.
  2. Lighting around you : Position of your computer can fix so many problems.
    • Never place your computer with front or rear lighting whether it is outdoor or interior.
    • Lighting should come from sides or at least from top.
    • Too much bright or dim lighting both are not good.
  3. Computer brightness
    • Better to switch to LCD or LED monitors instead of old CRT monitors
    • Adjust your computer monitor’s brightness with same as your surrounding lighting
    • Use anti-glare screens for monitors
    • Whatever you read.. font/text size should not be low, increase it.
  4. Blink your eye more often : Blinking will moist your eyes by making them wet.
  5. Do some eye exercises frequently : Eye exercise if not big task. Two basic exercises for you..
    • After every 20 to 30 minutes, look at any object which is far at least 20 feet for 30 seconds.
    • After every 20 to 30 minutes, write your name on a wall with your eyes without moving your head.
  6. Take frequent breaks from work

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