Mouthwash Buying Guide

Mouthwash Buying Guide

With poor dental health habits like taking strong odor foods and skipping brushing and less care about teeth many of us facing dental issues like Cavities, Gingivitis and mainly bad breath.

You should be very careful in using the mouthwash as over usage will lead to killing the good bacteria in your mouth also try to avoid using alcohol based mouthwashes, they are highly prone to oral cancer. Because reduced levels of good bacteria in your mouth will be vulnerable for oral diseases.

Choosing a right Mouthwash

Choosing a right mouthwash is very difficult and should take advice from a dentist. But in general, when you are suffering from :

  • Only bad breath… go for breath freshening mouthwashes.
  • Gum related problems… go for anti-bacterial mouthwashes.
  • Cavity related problems… go for mouthwashes with fluoride.

There is no mouthwash as an all-rounder you should choose the best suitable one for your condition.


Mouthwash is a good option to reduce odors and control the bad breath. In market generally we can find 2 types of mouthwashes Cosmetic and Therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwash controls the bad breath and the therapeutic mouthwash is used for gum and cavity problems.

Before concluding the topic few good habits to follow are:

  • Don’t rinse with mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth.
  • Go for fluoride based mouthwashes.
  • Try avoiding alcohol based mouthwashes.
  • Change the mouthwash if you observe any difficulty while using it or consult a dentist for advice.

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