Post-Workout Nutrition

Post-Workout Nutrition

Well, it is very important to have good post-workout meal to recover from the exhausted workout. Many concentrates more on pre-workout food and selection of exercise or workout types but skips the post-workout food.

Many people complain about how tired they are after a workout and shows it as a reason to skip the next day workout. This is because they are skipping the post-workout meal. This helps to improve the muscle protein growth and gives strength to continue your daily routine after your workout.

Three main things to consume after an intensive workout are : Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fat.

Protein, helps Repair and Build Muscle

Carbohydrates, it helps to restore your body’s levels of glycogen

Healthy Fat, not all fats are harm to your body but healthy fat is crucial for absorbing vitamins A and E

Also the timing of post-workout meal is also crucial. A study says it is better to have your post-workout meal within 45 minutes to 2 hours after your workout.

Foods that you can consider as your post-workout meal are:

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Orange juice
  3. Banana or Pineapple
  4. Sweet potato
  5. Dry fruits and nuts
  6. Whole grains
  7. Green tea

And the last but not the least tip is to drink lots of water to compensate the loss of water happens during your workout to re-hydrate your body.

Doing workout is just half the business but maintaining your body strength is very important which can be balanced with a good post-workout meal.

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