Soap Buying Guide

Soap Buying Guide

We use soap regularly to wash our body but do you ever thought of different types of soaps and which suits your purpose of using a soap!!

Generally we have 2 types of soaps i.e. Toilet Soap & Bathing Bar. In simple terminology we can say a toilet soap is used to wash an object or a body where as a bathing bar is also a soap with less cleanser and contains extra material. Examples of bathing bars are Beauty soap, Glycerin soap or Ayurvedic soap.

The portion of the fatty material in a soap differentiate it whether it is a toilet soap or bathing bar. Toilet soaps contains high fatty material where as bathing bars contains less fatty material. The portion of the fatty material is described as TFM(Total Fatty Material) and is labeled in the soap.

A toilet soap must mention the percentage of fatty material it contains but it is not compulsory for bathing bars. Soaps with high TFM cleans the body the most.

Types of Soaps

  • Toilet Soap

Toilet soap is used to wash an object or a body and contains more acids which is called fatty material. With high fatty content these soaps cleans very well removes all most all germs including few agents which are helpful for skin. These soaps contains high TFM and the percentage of TFM it contains should be labeled on the soap.

  • Bathing Bar

Bathing bars are mix of fatty material and other agents like moisturizing cream, glycerin or any ayurvedic material. These soaps are not meant for pure cleaning so the cleaning capacity is less. They are generally quoted as beauty soaps. TFM percentage for these soaps will be less and is not compulsory to label it on the soap.

Compare Soaps : Toilet Soap vs Bathing Bar(Beauty Soap)

Toilet Soap Bathing Bar
TFM % 60% – 80% 40% – 60%
Chemicals High Low
Cleaning Result High Low
Suitable for Sensitive skin No Yes

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