Modi vs Rahul

Rahul: I want to become PM
Modi: If you want to become PM then answer my question
Rahul: Ok, ask
Modi: There were 11 bananas kept in front of an elephant but it ate only 10
and left one, why?
Rahul: Maybe it was contented
Modi: No, that one was of plastic.
Modi:Ok, once again, there were 11 bananas but elephant did not eat any, why?
Rahul: Oh, yes. All 11 were of plastic ?
Modi: No, the elephant was of plastic.
Modi: Ok, this time Elephant, banana all were real, and still elephant did not eat any,why?
Rahul: This time elephant may not have been hungry.
Modi: No…the bananas were in the TV
Rahul: ☹
Modi: Now,elephant,bananas were all real and all on TV, but elephant is still not eating, why?
Rahul: I don’t know
Modi: Because they were on different channels!
Modi: Well last time. This time elephant,bananas were real, both on TV and on same channel,still elephant was not eating the bananas, WHY?
Rahul: You yourself answer
Modi: Because TV was not on
Rahul: Mummeeeeee…..

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