Checklist to securing debit cards

Checklist to securing debit cards


Recent news of compromise of debit card credentials of 32 lacs cardholders and thereafter blocking & replacing the concerned Debit Cards by SBI and other banks, once again bring back the focus on Debit card security. As we all know,  attacker used various techniques like tampering ATM slots by rigging, phishing through e-mail accounts, fixing hidden cameras at vantage points inside ATM installations to steal the secret PIN number of the customers, etc. and  withdraw money from that ATM.

To create awareness staffs &  customers for safe use of Debit Card, the below checklist has been prepared on the basis of Bank’s existing guidelines & best practices  :-

1)    Register your mobile number and mail address with your bank to get SMS alerts and mails on each transaction that happens in your account.

2)    Do NOT ignore any alert from the bank. Read all the text messages and mails carefully. It could be about a transaction that has already happened or is currently happening.

3)    Avoid sharing any private and/or  personal information, especially on social networking sites.

4)    When creating a password, try to make it a unique one. It has to be strong containing alphabets, numbers and special characters which should be easy to remember for you but difficult to be guessed by others. Avoid using personal/family/vehicle/house numbers etc. information in your password

5)     Change all your PIN/passwords at regular intervals.

6)    Do NOT throw away the receipt that you get at ATMs into the waste paper basket. It contains information of your account.

7)    Better still, do not ask for receipts from ATMs. No need of it as text messages and emails are anyways being sent by the banks.

8)    While keying in your PIN at ATMs or swipe machine, always cover the key pad with your other palm. This will protect your PIN being viewed by strangers.

9)     Do NOT EVER hand over their your debit cards to others, at restaurants or petrol pumps to do transactions on your behalf.

10)  Check and make sure the card that you get back from the payment counter is same as yours. Remember at least last 4-8 digits of your card. So this makes confirming this easier. You may write your name or some mark on your debit card with a permanent marker pen so as to easily recognize your card.

11) If you find any malfunction at ATM while trying to withdraw the cash, call the bank first. Do not leave the kiosk before you get a transaction cancelled message. Fraudster nowadays jam the keypad at ATM kiosks which will force you to leave the ATM without completing the transaction. The fraudster enters the kiosk soon after and keep the transaction alive until he withdraws the money. To avoid this, speak to the bank from the ATM kiosk and wait until the transaction cancelled message flashes on the screen.

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