The global betting popularity isn’t accidental. Many people turned their love and knowledge of sports into a profitable hobby. All of them are using diverse betting tips and tricks that help them to overcome betting odds and receive profits on the distance. This article is dedicated to opening the curtain into the betting world for newcomers and giving them a basic understanding of existing tips. For those who don’t know where to start their wagering activity, we recommend Amazing bonuses, 24/7 customer support, odds variety, and many more are waiting for you here as one of the best online betting sites in the world.

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Most widespread online betting tips

All the cricket betting tips and football betting tips can be divided into three major categories:

Traditionally, inexperienced bettors are looking for the second and third categories. However, we’ve also decided to briefly remind you about the basic aspects that everyone should follow.

Common advice qand betting tips for bettors

Accidentally or not, we’ve gathered typical advice for wagerers into the list of 11 (just like the number of players of a cricket and football team):

  1. Research the market you want to bet on
  2. Check your strategy on virtual bets
  3. Don’t stake a whole bank at once
  4. Keep the finger on the pulse of your bankroll
  5. Do not expect too much, especially at the beginning
  6. Avoid betting on your beloved teams or individuals
  7. Try to stick with a single strategy
  8. Prefer ordinary bets instead of accumulators
  9. Make a pause if you are emotional (it doesn’t matter excited or depressed)
  10. Use bonuses and promotions for getting extra revenue
  11. Don’t make your life dependent on cricket betting only

Actually, these pieces of advice don’t need extra explanations and are well-known for everyone who tries to deepen into sports online betting, not by chance.

Paid services to beat bookies

This cluster seems to be more interesting to discuss. Many bettors tried to find 100% betting tips, at the beginning at least. Such research usually leads to the fork: free and paid betting tips.

In turn, paid betting tips can be divided into two subcategories:

  1. Account promotion. Some websites and betting apps (expetially cricket betting apps and one of the largest IPL betting app) offer to promote your betting accounts by receiving some additional fees for their services. Wagerers tend to believe in the stories with incredible return rates. However, why don’t those experts earn themselves only? Why don’t they want to be a closed club of rich bettors? The answer is simple – they aren’t sure about their bets and prefer to have a stable commission instead of risking their own money.
  2. Contract matches. This type of betting promotion is based on the idea of selling suspicious matches results. As the issue of contract matches still exists, some smart people try to use it. However, they are usually offering a 100% guarantee only on paper. Interestingly, they are often right with their predictions, so people continue believing them. If the result is predicted wrong, they just offer the next prediction for free but won’t return any cash for the naive bettor.

Actually, both those tips can be reached without spending a penny. In practice, promoters of the aforementioned methods provide a deep analysis before the match and look for the underestimated odds. And while someone is ready to pay for the air, they are using it. However, if you have a bit more time, you can use the following tips without paying rupees and receive a rather similar success rate.

Free betting tips and their specifics

One of the simplest ways to get true betting tips is to visit free cricket betting sites that analyse matches. Surely, no one can guarantee a 100% result there, but they aren’t convincing you to pay for their predictions. At the same time, the effectiveness of these payless tips for betting is comparable to the paid ones.

The only difference is that sites with betting free tips usually have dozens of predictions made by their users. Logically, far not all of them are effective. However, simply sorting the tips by author’s rating or those with more “likes” gives the picture similar to paid advice for bettors. You have just to be quite more attentive to the wagering tips you’ve seen and compare the suggested odds with your personal feelings.

In practice, there are two major approaches to forming free betting tips:

Underestimated odds

This type of choosing a bet is rather popular. It is based on a deep understanding of the event and the odds specifics on the betting sites in India. As every bookmaker is earning on a margin, all of them are interested in the equality of opposing bets. It will mean that any outcome will bring revenue. So, when most of the players are betting on the heavy favourite, they drop the odds for this outcome and try to interest wagerers to make opposing bets. Here attentive bettors can find the difference between the real chances of the underdog and the coefficient of their successful result.

For example, UCL’s winner Chelsea is playing against Burnley, and the initial odds are 1.25 for The Blues’ victory and 4 for The Clarets won’t lose. As most of the players will bet on Chelsea, and it will probably win, the bookie will count losses. However, most of the bookmakers will change odds and reduce them for The Pensioners’ victory down to 1.15, while the chances of Burnley not to lose now will be 5.55. At the same time, the probability of the Clarets not losing didn’t change, but the betting firm has to increase the odds for this outcome.

So, attentive bettors are seeking for suchlike odds and try not to lose them. Of course, a few negative results will exist, but even one in five successful bets will recoup spending.

Deep analysis

This is a bit simpler way to choose the odds. On the betting free tips sites, you can find good analysis and arguments of the coefficient that have to be successful. Authors of such advice don’t look at odds but try to forecast the outcome first of all.

Taking an instance of Chelsea and Burnley, it works in quite a different way. Let’s say this game will decide if Chelsea qualify for the next Champions League, while The Clarets have no tournament interest in it. Thus, people recommend sports betting on The Blues no matter the odds because this game means a lot for The Pensioners. In this regard, it’s better to earn a guaranteed 150 rupees out of 1000, but avoid almost impossible 5500₹.

Sports specifics when making a bet

While the major betting tips are explained, all of them have additional specific elements when it comes to real usage. As the Indian betting market is primarily focused on cricket and football, we’ll deepen into these sports in more detail in further articles. Now, we’ll just show the tip of the iceberg and what is actual for the betting sites in India.

Advice for cricket bettors

The specifics of cricket matches brings a wide range of possible betting tips. Experts are analysing diverse conditions before making a prediction, especially:

  • Pre-match info
  • Captains toss coin behaviour
  • Weather and pitch conditions

Many other aspects of cricket matches are influencing its outcome. So, when reading advice before the game, try to pay attention to all the possible details. Cricket tips are often based on some specific aspects that can be 

Football wagering tips

Advice for football lovers is quite similar to cricket tips. Experts try to analyse all the pre-match conditions to define which outcome is more likely. At the same time, the odds line for the football match can achieve hundreds of diverse bets. It creates a perfect room for bettors to find some specific odds to bet on.

Of course, the backside of using betting tips is to find a reliable bookmaker. We recommend Indian wagerers to look at This bookie has an international reputation, offers incredible bonuses, live support 24/7, and low margins as the core of sport betting more earnings.