Winnable cricket betting is only possible after understanding the essence of odds and the mechanics of sports predictions and sports betting odds. Yes, there is no magic formula that will guarantee a positive result. So, this article is dedicated to opening a curtain to the odds’ specifics and step-by-step predictions’ making on cricket.

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Cricket Betting

All about cricket betting odds

Odds are the cornerstone of every bookie. However, only two key factors are influencing coefficients that one can see on the online betting sites: probabilities and margins. At the same time, numerous factors should be taken into consideration to calculate a probability or define an adequate margin. Moreover, the process of creating odds lines contains different aspects to consider, making an additional topic to review.

Calculating probabilities and margins

The essence of every bookmaker is to offer the coefficients for some event that will interest a player. At the same time, odds shouldn’t be too high not to generate losses or too low and so unattractive for bettors. How to calculate this magic number that will satisfy both sides at the same time? Let’s start with simple terms.

How to calculate odds and probabilities?

Actually, the formula for calculating an ideal betting coefficient is simple enough as it contains only a few elements:


Let’s review a real example to make it easier to understand. One of the simplest events in this regard is a coin toss. Everyone knows that the probability of getting heads or tails is 50% (or 0.5). It means that in the altruistic world, a bookie has to offer a 1/0.5=2 coefficient.

Now, let’s go to the real cricket game and calculate the probabilities and ideal coefficients. For the match of two equal teams, the probability and respective coefficient of the highest score after the first over can look like the following:

Team 1TieTeam 2
Ideal coefficient1/0.45=2.2221/0.1=101/0.45=2.222

However, it’s almost impossible to see such odds on the real bookmaking platform (except in the cases when the bookie offers zero margin events). That’s because every online cricket betting site and betting apps (cricket betting apps, IPL betting app) wants to earn some extra money and adds margins.

How to understand and calculate margins?

The essence of margin is the amount of money a bookmaker is earning on every bet. At the same time, that is the major stable source of overall earnings of the bookie. So, let’s go through the calculations and real examples.

The following formula can calculate the margins on the betting sites:

(1/coefficient+1/coefficient +…)*100%-100%

Even though it may look a bit complicated, the real instances will help to understand this formula better. Let’s take a coin flip, which is a typical two-outcome event for a bookmaker. For the event with two equal outcomes (a coin toss before the cricket match), a bookmaker will surely offer similar coefficients, let’s say 1.9. In this case, a bookie’s margin can be calculated: (1/1.9+1/1.9)*100%-100% → (0.526+0.526)*100%-100% → 1.052*100%-100% → 105.2%-100% ⇒ 5.2%

So, the regarded imaginary betting website has a 5.2% margin, which is a pretty good and fair offer on the market.

Let’s calculate the margin for a three-outcome event, like the highest score after the first over:

Team 1TieTeam 2
Real coef2.17.52.1
Bookie’s probability of the outcome1/ 2.1=0.4761/ 7.5=0.1331/ 2.1=0.476

The further calculations give: (0.476 + 0.133 + 0.476)*100%-100% → 1.085*100%-100% → 108.5%-100% ⇒ 8.5%

So, the regarded imaginary wagering site has an 8.5% margin, which is pretty high for the current times. 

Overall, you have to remember a few simple rules for winnable cricket betting

  1. Lower margins mean higher coefficients and bigger wins on the distance.
  2. Lower margins confirm the platform’s credibility and show bigger customers’ flow.
  3. Look at the events with equal outcome’s probability to understand approximate margins.

Typical odds line for cricket matches

The explanation of a few coefficients took a few passages with quite annoying calculations. However, the real odds line for a top-tier cricket game contains hundreds of coefficients. Of course, none of them is calculated on the piece of paper as this process is fully automated. Nonetheless, the principle and calculations are still the same; the difference lies just in the plain of probabilities.

There are diverse types of bets available for a cricket battle. Depending on bettors’ preferences and understanding of the game, the odds can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Match winner/tied game (simple outcome prediction, affordable for both newcomers and experienced wagerers)
  • Winner of the series/outright (chance to win more if guess a few outcomes in a row)
  • Innings’ overs/unders (depending on the weather and teams’ shape, one can try to predict the outcome of every inning)
  • Handicaps (similar to the previous item, but showing the difference between the teams)
  • Individual statistics (choosing a top bowler/batsman is a good variant for the fans who prefer individuals over the team’s achievements)
  • Individuals’ contest (ability to guess whose leader will be more successful in the upcoming game)
  • Special/live bets (sometimes, crazy ideas or watching the game online can force to make an unexpected prediction)

A huge amount of the odds means a huge interest of the audience towards the game and the bookie’s professional approach. At the same time, it creates a wider room for professional betting cricket tipsters to find underestimated coefficients. Reading sports betting tips can also help to compare your own thoughts about the match and find interesting tendencies.

Explaining cricket betting rate

The odds line can sometimes be called the betting rate on cricket betting sites. For the cricket clashes, the attractiveness of the coefficients can be discussed only for particular cases, just like for other sports. So, noticing a promising wagering rate at particular betting sites in India doesn’t mean this bookmaker has better odds than others.

At the same time, the punters who are making bets regularly have to check the betting rates of different bookmakers quite often. It can help to define what are the tendencies of coefficients’ change, which can be used in particular strategies.

How to use the difference in betting rates?

For instance, you want to raise cash on a top cricket match like India vs England. The first way to do this is to deepen into the statistics, learn the weather conditions and teams’ shape, and bet on the favourite. However, you can use betting rates as the safest option. Thus, you know that India is a heavy favourite in this particular game due to the home venue and leaders’ good shape in the latest IPL matches.

So, you make a bet on India a few days before the game and wait. Let’s say the coefficients three days before the game are 1.5 on India and 2.5 on England. When the majority of punters understand the advantage of the home side and start betting on India, the coefficient will surely drop to 1.35 (approximately). At the same time, the odds for England’s win will rise up to 3.33, creating a perfect window for attentive players who want to protect their bets. One thousand rupees bet on India with a coefficient of 1.5 means 500 ₹ of risky profit, but betting 450 rupees on England with a coefficient of 3.33 means another potential of 1500 ₹.

Of course, one can say that potential 500 rupees are a better choice, but professional bettors know that guaranteed 50 ₹ are way better. Those who are ready to deepen into the changes in betting rates can win guaranteed money. However, they are making bets in the hundreds of thousands of rupees, and so turning the situations like mentioned above into 5000 ₹ from one game.

How to make the right cricket betting prediction?

Actually, there is no universal solution on how to make 100% right predictions on the sport. That is because of the nature of sports competitions where the small chance is still the chance to win. However, there are plenty of pieces of advice that can be used when making forecasts on sports competitions. Let’s review the most important of them to be more successful in online betting on cricket.

Cornerstones of cricket betting: view markets at first

The primary advice for every bettor is to learn markets he is going to study deeper and make wagers. This stage also includes reviewing the bookmakers and their odds line for the supposed market. If you make this process attentively, you’ll find a lot of exciting details that can help you in the future. For instance, some bookies can offer higher coefficients for particular competitions, which can be used on the distance to guarantee stable revenues.

Choose the tournament you watch the most

This item isn’t the first because emotions aren’t the best friend of the wagerer. At the same time, if you like IPL, for instance, you automatically better understand the tournament although supporting one of the weakest teams. You’ll need less time to understand preconditions and odds line changes.

Compare your predictions with bookies’ coefficients

The next stage is to take a piece of paper and try to make your own predictions for the following leg of the league. Then, compare your forecasts with the bookie’s one. This step will help you to understand how close your analysis is compared with the AI-driven bookmaker’s one.

Analyse pre-match conditions deeper

If you found a lot of differences between your prediction and the odds by an online betting site, try to deepen into the issue. Websites with cricket betting tips are useful in this regard as you can read pre-match situations and analysis of the experts, not only coefficients.  

Make the most attractive bet

The last step is to try your forces on a reliable online betting site in India. The registration process is usually fast enough and allows you to try your luck and knowledge in a matter of minutes. At this stage, it can be useful to try a bookmaker with great welcome bonuses, which usually double your chances of winning.

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What is cricket betting?

Cricket betting is wagering dedicated to cricket and related activities.

What is odds in cricket betting?

Odds in cricket betting have the same meaning as in other sports wagering and mean the probability of the particular outcome shown in specific coefficients.

What is handicap betting in cricket?

Handicap in cricket betting is the ability to choose the advantage of one team over another, just like in other sports wagering.

What is book set in cricket betting?

Book set is the possibility to catch coefficients on opposing results with a positive balance in total. It usually supposes that opening odds will change significantly.

What is the meaning of back and lay in cricket betting?

Back and lay betting usually means wagering on the winner and loser accordingly. Back betting - making bets on the team or individual to win. Lay betting - choosing the outcome that won’t happen.

What is session in cricket betting?

Sessions in cricket are the periods of the game, which give additional opportunity to bet on the underdogs during the course of the match.

Countries where cricket betting is legal

Cricket betting is legal in all the countries where wagering is legalized. Cricket doesn’t have any separate status for betting like horse racing in some countries.

How to earn money from cricket betting?

One has to guess the right outcome of the cricket match or its component (individual statistics) and bet real money on it to receive extra cash as the prize.

How to win cricket betting?

To win in cricket betting, one has to be well-aware of the pre-match conditions, pick the right outcome, and be a bit lucky nothing extraordinary will happen.

How to calculate cricket betting?

Calculations in cricket betting are quite the same as in other sports wagering. The primary recommendations are mentioned in the article above.

How to learn cricket betting?

To learn cricket betting one has to understand the game as it is, and be aware of the wagering specifics and how they can be applied in the particular sports.

How to understand cricket betting rates?

Cricket betting rate is the odds line that exists for a particular match or event. They usually mirror the pre-match situation in terms of probabilities and appropriate coefficients.

How to always win in cricket betting?

There is no guaranteed way to always win in betting. However, there are dozens of recommendations that can significantly increase your chances of winning while wagering on cricket.

How to understand betting odds in cricket?

Betting odds in cricket are the representation of the probabilities of a particular game’s outcomes and bookies’ margins. Odds can look different due to various styles of representing them.

How to win session in cricket betting?

To win a session in cricket one has to be very attentive during watching the game and lucky in predicting the game-changing moment.

How to play cricket betting?

To play cricket betting means making wagers on the particular outcomes of the cricket match. If the prediction is right, you win.

How to win in betting cricket?

To win while betting on cricket means making the right predictions on the wagering platform.

How to do cricket betting in India?

To bet on cricket in India, you have to choose a reliable online bookmaker, register there, deposit some cash and start wagering. Land-based betting is prohibited in India, including wagers on beloved sports like cricket.

Cricket betting is legal in which country?

Betting on cricket, like on the other sports, is available in many countries. Some states, however, implement restrictions for land-based wagering but allow online gambling, like India does.