The whole world held their breath while waiting for the continuation of the IPL. The world’s most famous cricket competition, the Indian Premier League, was postponed in May, just in the middle of the season. Finally, the fourteenth season continued with the first rescheduled match on September 19. Cricket followers all over the world are attentively watching the top cricket and ready to bet and support their favourites. We present a detailed IPL 2021 schedule with all the needed tables. 

IPL 2021 new schedule confirmed

The decision to postpone the Indian Premier League has been among the most disappointing occasions for cricket supporters. Traditionally, the IPL annual season lasts three months, from March to May. However, the coronavirus outbreak at the end of April inside the teams forced organisers to postpone the tournament. After lengthy discussions, the VIVO IPL 2021 has been agreed to continue the same year in September-October in the United Arab Emirates.

VIVO IPL 2021 schedule and league table

Cricket fans’ majority have been seeking the renewed IPL schedule for this year. Although it was agreed in summer, the continuation of this sporting event woke up betting activity and interest. That is because of cricket’s astonishing popularity in India. However, bettors from all the corners of the world also like IPL clashes due to the impressive competition among the best teams. It forces them to know the actual schedule for the resuming battles of the recent IPL’s season.

Renewed IPL 2021 schedule for every team

That is how the remaining IPL 2021 schedule looks like:

Match #Match CentreDateTime (IST)Venue
30CSK Vs MI19-Sep-2119:30Dubai
31KKR Vs RCB20-Sep-2119:30Abu Dhabi
32PBKS Vs RR21-Sep-2119:30Dubai
33DC Vs SRH22-Sep-2119:30Dubai
34MI Vs KKR23-Sep-2119:30Abu Dhabi
35RCB Vs CSK24-Sep-2119:30Sharjah
36DC Vs RR25-Sep-2115:30Abu Dhabi
37SRH Vs PBKS25-Sep-2119:30Sharjah
38CSK Vs KKR26-Sep-2115:30Abu Dhabi
39RCB Vs MI26-Sep-2119:30Dubai
40SRH Vs RR27-Sep-2119:30Dubai
41KKR Vs DC28-Sep-2115:30Sharjah
42MI Vs PBKS28-Sep-2119:30Abu Dhabi
43RR Vs RCB29-Sep-2119:30Dubai
44SRH Vs CSK30-Sep-2119:30Sharjah
45KKR Vs PBKS01-Oct-2119:30Dubai
46MI Vs DC02-Oct-2115:30Sharjah
47RR Vs CSK02-Oct-2119:30Abu Dhabi
48RCB Vs PBKS03-Oct-2115:30Sharjah
49KKR Vs SRH03-Oct-2119:30Dubai
50DC Vs CSK04-Oct-2119:30Dubai
51RR Vs MI05-Oct-2119:30Sharjah
52RCB Vs SRH06-Oct-2119:30Abu Dhabi
53CSK Vs PBKS07-Oct-2115:30Dubai
54KKR Vs RR07-Oct-2119:30Sharjah
55SRH Vs MI08-Oct-2115:30Abu Dhabi
56RCB Vs DC08-Oct-2119:30Dubai
57QUALIFIER 110-Oct-2119:30Dubai
59QUALIFIER 213-Oct-2119:30Sharjah

Now all true cricket supporters can plan their leisure activities. A few weeks of the top cricket will be available for everyone. Top-tier clashes will be almost every day from September 19 until October 15. 31 games out of 60 will take place this autumn in the UAE.

Actual IPL points table for 2021 schedule

The typical IPL tournament is organised in the Round-Robin format, where the sides meet each other twice (1 away + 1 home). Then, a four-match play-off stage takes place. There are eight attending clubs in the competition:

  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Delhi Capitals (DC)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
  • Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)
  • Punjab Kings (PBKS)
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR)

Before the IPL season 2021 restarted, all the teams played about half of their games. Thus, most of the cricket clubs competed seven times, and only two teams played eight games. The table before the resumption looked like the following:

Delhi Capitals86212W L W W W L W W
Chennai Super Kings75210L W W W W W L
Royal Challengers Bangalore75210W W W W L W L
Mumbai Indians7438L W W L L W W
Rajasthan Royals7346L W L L W L W
Punjab Kings8356W L L L W L W L
Kolkata Knight Riders7254W L L L L W L
Sunrisers Hyderabad7162L L L W L L L

As one can see, three teams have pretty good chances to enter the playoff stage. Teams from 4th to 6th positions will pretend to participate in the first qualifier match for the last playoff spot. However, professional cricket is quite an unpredictable game, especially after a four-month pause. All this creates perfect conditions for the bettors who feel the game and can predict the result of the match.

IPL 2021 schedule and stadium: detailed review

In the second consecutive year, Indian Premier League organisers moved the event to the UAE. The stadium infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates is appropriate for such competitions. This time, the sides agreed on four stadiums to host the rest of the VIVO IPL 2021:

  • Dubai International Stadium, Dubai
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah
  • Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • ICC Academy Ground, Dubai

As the situation with the coronavirus isn’t entirely safe, the schedule was thought out in detail. Teams will have minimum transfers from city to city. At the same time, all the stadiums will host quite a similar number of matches. More information about the location of every game is mentioned in the first table.

Why did the 2021 IPL schedule change?

The primary reason to move the VIVO IPL 2021 was the splash of corona inside teams. The organisers decided to make a pause in the competition to avoid matches without star players. As the recovery process is rather long after COVID-19, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to make the maximum delay.

However, the pause couldn’t last long. International cricket also suffered from the pandemic. Thus, the T20 World Cup 2021 initially had to be held in 2020 in Australia. However, the global disease forced the postponement to autumn 2021 and a new host country – India. A tough situation with Corona in India forced ICC to move the event to the UAE and Oman.

Confirmed dates for the T20 World Cup 2021 are from October 17 to November 14. Being one of the major favourites, India has to finish the IPL 2021 season by the middle of October. So, a four-month delay of the IPL was an optimal decision. Moreover, Indian best players should be rather careful and avoid serious injuries during the rescheduled IPL matches.

How was the IPL new schedule 2021 approved?

The initial terms to hold the IPL’s 14th season were April 9 to May 30. However, the COVID outbreak inside teams forced organisers to postpone the VIVO IPL in 2021. May 3 became the last day when a cricket match was played in accordance with the original plan, which was the 29th game of the competition at that point.

At the beginning of June, organisers were close to the decisive decision in terms of resumption dates. On June 7, the BCCI announced a renewed date table. The organisation planned to finish the season from September 19 to October 15.

Directors also changed the location for the remaining battles. The decision was to move to the UAE, just like in the previous season.

Where to find IPL 2021 schedule photo?

The IPL 2021 schedule photo can be made by shooting the first table of this material. We’ve gathered the most important data into a single table. So, you can see the competing teams, the dates of the game, the time it will be played, and the location. You can try to find IPL’s 2021 renewed schedule photos on the Internet. However, be careful as some websites can present wrong information about the remaining cricket clashes. We’ve double-checked all the tables so you can be sure of the information on this web page.

Initial IPL schedule 2021

The global pandemic ruined plans for the IPL in two consecutive years. In 2020, organisers were forced to move to the UAE to make the season happen. It seemed that the BCCI knew how to deal with the schedule in 2021. But fans weren’t the only reason that could ruin IPL’s expectation for the season 2021. COVID outbreaks inside the teams forced them to apply quarantine measures and delay the competition.

Original IPL 2021 schedule: time table and venues

However, all these details became more clear just in the middle of the sporting event. The Indian Premier League’s start has been pretty successful on April 9. Nonetheless, closer to May, more and more players were infected with corona. So, the tournament was interrupted in the middle and delayed to better times. If no COVID problems in the league, the initial schedule would finish in accordance with the table below:

Match #Old DateMatch CentreStatusVenue
109-Apr-21MI Vs RCBFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
210-Apr-21CSK Vs DCFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
311-Apr-21SRH Vs KKRFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
412-Apr-21RR Vs PBKSFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
513-Apr-21KKR Vs MIFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
614-Apr-21SRH Vs RCBFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
715-Apr-21RR Vs DCFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
816-Apr-21PBKS Vs CSKFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
917-Apr-21MI Vs SRHFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
1018-Apr-21RCB Vs KKRFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
1118-Apr-21DC Vs PBKSFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
1219-Apr-21CSK Vs RRFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
1320-Apr-21DC Vs MIFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
1421-Apr-21PBKS Vs SRHFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
1521-Apr-21KKR Vs CSKFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
1622-Apr-21RCB Vs RRFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
1723-Apr-21PBKS Vs MIFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
1824-Apr-21RR Vs KKRFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
1925-Apr-21CSK Vs RCBFinishedMumbai, Wankhede Stadium
2025-Apr-21SRH Vs DCFinishedChennai, Chepauk Stadium
2126-Apr-21PBKS Vs KKRFinishedAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
2227-Apr-21DC Vs RCBFinishedAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
2328-Apr-21CSK Vs SRHFinishedDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
2429-Apr-21MI Vs RRFinishedDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
2529-Apr-21DC Vs KKRFinishedAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
2630-Apr-21PBKS Vs RCBFinishedAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
2701-May-21MI Vs CSKFinishedDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
2802-May-21RR Vs SRHFinishedDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
2902-May-21PBKS Vs DCFinishedAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
3003-May-21KKR Vs RCBRescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
3104-May-21SRH Vs MIRescheduledDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
3205-May-21RR Vs CSKRescheduledDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
3306-May-21RCB Vs PBKSRescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
3407-May-21SRH Vs CSKRescheduledDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
3508-May-21KKR Vs DCRescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
3608-May-21RR Vs MIRescheduledDelhi, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium
3709-May-21CSK Vs PBKSRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
3809-May-21RCB Vs SRHRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
3910-May-21MI Vs KKRRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
4011-May-21DC Vs RRRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
4112-May-21CSK Vs KKRRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
4213-May-21MI Vs PBKSRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
4313-May-21SRH Vs RRRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
4414-May-21RCB Vs DCRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
4515-May-21KKR Vs PBKSRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
4616-May-21RR Vs RCBRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
4716-May-21CSK Vs MIRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
4817-May-21DC Vs SRHRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
4918-May-21KKR Vs RRRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
5019-May-21SRH Vs PBKSRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
5120-May-21RCB Vs MIRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
5221-May-21KKR Vs SRHRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
5321-May-21DC Vs CSKRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
5422-May-21PBKS Vs RRRescheduledBangalore, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium
5523-May-21MI Vs DCRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
5623-May-21RCB Vs CSKRescheduledKolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium
5725-May-21Qualifier-1RescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
5826-May-21EliminatorRescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
5928-May-21Qualifier-2RescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium
6030-May-21FINALRescheduledAhmedabad, Motera Stadium

Best online betting sites to bet on IPL in 2021

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How to choose the right bookmaker for betting on IPL in India?

There are dozens of details to pay attention to while choosing the betting company. However, all of them can be grouped into four bigger categories:

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  2. Bonuses. Big international brands usually offer a wider variety of bigger prizes. It confirms the credibility of the betting website and its loyal attitude towards clients.
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