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Cricket Betting Tips

With the introduction of The Hundred, to go alongside T20, Test matches, ODIs and more, the cricket calendar in the UK and beyond has never been more packed.

The exciting mixture of new and traditional formats of cricket means there are more betting opportunities for punters than ever, which is where we come in handy.

We provide in-depth cricket betting tips for games played all over the globe, from domestic action through to major international competitions including the Ashes, the World Cup and the Test Championship.

Timing is everything in cricket betting. You need to know the latest team news, the form, the latest information about the conditions and more. We have done the hard work for you in our cricket betting tips for UK and overseas competitions. Our experts have years of experience and impressive records of success.

What are the Best Cricket Betting Tips?

Following the best cricket betting tips is a smart strategy for finding winners. In our free cricket betting tips, we offer a range of selections – from betting on the match winner to top batsman/bowler, highest partnership, most sixes and more.

If you are a newcomer to betting on cricket, we’ve got you covered. Our cricket online betting tips are easy to follow and use, with all of the recommendations available at the Betfair sportsbook and on the Exchange.

If you have a deeper understanding of cricket, you may want to explore our advanced betting tips. Our latest cricket previews go deep to unearth the best betting value.

How Can I See the Latest Cricket Predictions?

It’s easy to find the latest cricket previews on our site. They are available for free and appear well in advance of the game or, for outright tips, before the tournament begins.

You may get better odds when betting earlier, so bookmark Betting.Betfair and check out our latest content.

What is the Best Cricket Betting Strategy?

There isn’t one single strategy that works time after time in cricket betting, so you need to be flexible in your approach to get the best results. Our cricket tipsters know the sport inside out, so they can advise on the right strategy to use for each tournament and match.

There are many cricket betting strategies. There can be a huge advantage to bowling last in Test cricket – especially on day five pitches in countries where the ball spins prodigiously. So one simple Test cricket betting strategy is to wait for the toss before placing your bets.

In limited overs cricket, the powerplay is all-important. Here fewer fielders are allowed in deeper positions which hands the batsmen a huge advantage. If you are betting on the Top Batsman market, it’s a smart strategy to back those at the crease at this time.