Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of Day 4 of the second Test between India and England as action unfolds at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

Well, that’s how day four ends. 182 runs, three early wickets, a marathon from the No.3, a sturdy fight from the vice-captain and three quick wickets in the last session before bad light stops play. India and England continue to wage a see-saw tussle at Lord’s and this one could well go either way from here. A draw on the cards as well, is it? With India just 154 ahead, that looks like a faint possibility and with Pant having Ishant to start his day tomorrow at the other end, you wouldn’t be so sure. Pant, undoubtedly holds the key for a he stands between all three possible outcomes tomorrow. Can India find the spirits of yesteryears tomorrow? Can Ishant Sharma reignite the miracle of 2014? The Lord’s Test is living upto the billing, folks, and we’re in for a top finish. Join us tomorrow for the final day. Good night!

The umpires are having a chat with the batsmen and Joe Root and they have decided to go off. Stumps have been called on officially.

IND 181/6 in 82 overs: Ishant wedges the final ball of the over past slips for a couple of runs. Solid technique with the defence and Kohli continues to signal for a stoppage in play.

IND 178/6 in 81 overs: Root continues to slide the ball in and keep Pant on tenterhooks. He has a shy at a couple of smashes that fails to touch past covers. Meanwhile, Kohli is signalling to the field as to why there’s no stoppage with light going dim at Lord’s.

IND 177/6 in 80 overs: Ali to Jadeja. OUT! A snorter to claim the top of off! Ali zips it in and straightens the ball just a touch to sneak past Jadeja’s defence to hit the timber. With two big jolts, Ali’s turning the game on its head here. The onus for quick runs completely falls on Rishabh Pant. With Ishant coming in at seven, Pant will have to get his timing right from here. Well, the new ball is due and it’ll be interesting to see if England opts for it rightaway.  Ravindra Jadeja b Ali 3 (5b)

IND 175/5 in 79 overs: Pant steps down and defends Root who keeps his side-arm action going on and about. Just a solitary run in the over.

IND 174/5 in 78 overs: Ali gets two lefties to nudge away from the body with the rough offering him some drift. Jadeja and Pant are watchful about their craft but not with a complete sense of the danger involved. England’s closing in on the new Dukes.

Mark Wood is seen heavily strapped up on his shoulder in the dressing room.

IND 172/5 in 77 overs: Pant’s not going to hang about. Root nearly sneaks through as Pant steps down to take on him but misses the ball altogether. Some sharp turn on that one and ball flies over the slips after striking Buttler’s pads.

IND 167/5 in 76 overs: Ali to Rahane. OUT! One brings two as Moeen finds the edge! Massive wicket ahead of the new ball as Ali draws Rahane to poke at a ball away from his body. The tables are turning once again in the favour of the host. Ali fends it short and Rahane moves back in the crease and the ball clips the outside edge. Excellent grab from Buttler and Rahane swiftly shrugs and walks back. Ajinkya Rahane c †Buttler b Ali 61 (146b 5×4)

IND 165/4 in 75 overs: Root attempts to dislodge Pant off-guard with that side-arm action. Pant lifts the ball off his feet and keeps himself busy at the crease.

Root replaces Wood

IND 163/3 in 74 overs: Pant begins with his trademark quick flair. Quick runs are being sneaked in as Pant lunges forward and works around the field. Ali goes short and Pant rocks back and slices it towards third man.  Wood gives chase and lands awkwardly as he puts the ball back into play.  He is in pain and goes off after the over.

IND 158/4 in 73 overs: Wood to Pujara. OUT! A stunner from Wood knocks Pujara off his feet! The marathon comes to an abrupt ending. A corker of a bouncer just shoots up to Pujara right after he whips Wood behind square for a boundary. Just takes him by absolute surprise as he springs in the air but fails to keep the bat away from the ball. It lobs up and flies straight to slips and a resolute innings from Che Pu is over.  Cheteshwar Pujara c Root b Wood 45 (206b 4×4)

Mark Wood returns

IND 151/3 in 72 overs: The crowd erupts in a roar once again as Pujara completes 200 balls! The players head to drinks after Root’s over and Pujara’s verve under pressure – a comeback of sorts – has helped India regain its base in the second half of the day.

Joe Root into the attack!


IND 149/3 in 71 overs: Rahane working the angles with some finesse now. He glides Ali to fine leg and sneaks in three runs with Pujara. Pujara then tries to switch momentum and steps down and Ali almost yorks him with a full delivery.

IND 144/3 in 70 overs: Rahane begins to pierce the gaps more oftens. He exploits the gap towards midwicket and finds three runs.

IND 140/3 in 69 overs: A hint of drift for Ali and Pujara continues his dead bat parade. He tucks one fine and finds a single of the last ball.

IND 139/3 in 68 overs: FIFTY FOR RAHANE! Top draw stuff from the Indian vice-captain with big trouble looming at Kohli’s dismissal. Rahane reaches the mark with a languid push behind point for a boundary and gets his first fifty since February against England in Chennai.

IND 135/3 in 67 overs: Pujara and Rahane is no hurry to switch gears. Ali loops the ball in but Rahane lays low and defends them.

IND 134/3 in 66 overs: Loud appeal for a caught behind. Curran beats Pujara’s outside edge and there’s brief excitement from the fielders as they hear a tick as the ball slips past the bat.  Root waits and waits and loses the time on a review and he’s lucky to miss it. The ball is missing the blade as is evident from the replay.

IND 131/3 in 65 overs: India’s lead crosses 100.  Rahane employes the sweep to good effect and cracks a fine boundary to midwicket. Ali rushes one in and the inside-edge runs down fine. Wood’s on the chase and helps India get four runs with an overthrow.

IND 121/3 in 64 overs: A packed off-side field with a couple of close-in fielders. Curran further crams Rahane’s options by bringing the ball in but he does well to play to the on-side and see off another nagging over.

IND 121/3 in 63 overs: This is another fine spell from Anderson. He experiments with the crease and goes a little wide and send the ball into Pujara. The ball just about takes the edge as Pujara’s instantly bothered by the difference in release. Some variable bounce comes into play as well as the odd-ball begins to skim low to the batter.

IND 120/3 in 62 overs: Curran is in much better rhythm today. He finds Pujara’s outside edge and the ball once again doesn’t carry to the slips. Soft hands perhaps. A fine probing over ends with a maiden.

Curran replaces Ali

IND 120/3 in 61 overs: England loses its second review. Anderson’s ripper whiffs past Rahane’s outside edge, a tinge away from his body. Anderson goes up with excitement but umpire Illingworth denies him. England goes for the reviews. Visuals show the ball missing the outside edge by hair’s breadth and Rahane survives!

IND 120/3 in 60 overs: Rahane dropped at point! Ali fends it short and Rahane opts for the cut that falls to Bairstow’s right. He makes ground and gets the hands below the ball but fails to hold on as he tumbles down.  Pujara gets on strike and dead bats Ali for the rest of the over.

IND 119/3 in 59 overs: Anderson pushes the ball in outside off and Rahane is at ease while drawing forward to defend. Five balls in the channel and Rahane blocks all of them before finding a single off the last delivery to retain strike.

IND 118/3 in 58 overs: Surprising to see Ali continue with a shorter length. Rahane keeps him at bay with a neat defense and the rough around his feet remain unused.

IND 117/3 in 57 overs: Shot of the day for Pujara. Anderson continues to needle around the off-stump and Pujara does well to deviate his plans with a cracking boundary.  Pujara shuffles back and creates enough room to slash the ball past point for a fine boundary.

IND 113/3 in 56 overs: Rahane’s measured defence continues. He finally breaks the shackles and advances down and hoicks Ali over mid-on. The ball has a tough race to the deep end of the field but beats the fielder for a bounday.

IND 108/3 in 55 overs: Jimmy attacks the stumps first up with a short leg in place. He attempts to tuck Rahane to lob but he does well to defend forward instead.

Anderson is back

IND 107/3 in 54 overs: Ali does not get the ball forward enough to land in the rough.  Keeps it short and Rahane rocks back and attempts to exploit the gaps but fails to go past the inner circle.

Moeen Ali with the ball

Third session begins!


Pujara walks off with a smile on his face. Whatever it may be about, he would be happy deep inside that he’s played out this session without being dismissed and seen India through to tea without the loss of a wicket.

India is not out of the woods yet, though. A few quick wickets will undo all the hard work Pujara and Rahane have put in in this session. The two have put on 50 runs so far, off 179 deliveries.

The pitch doesn’t seem to be offering much help to the fast bowlers. And there’s spin on offer.

What will the final session have in store for us? Find out in about 20 minutes, for the post-tea session.

It’s tea, at Lord’s.

IND 105/3 in 53 overs: A single on the first ball of the 53rd over, Sam Curran’s 10th. Flicked to midwicket by Pujara.

Rahane gets a full toss and he drives to deep point for another single to bring up the 50 partnership.

Curran switches to around the wicket. The last delivery of the over is a slower one; it’s on leg-stump, and it’s defended well.

IND 103/3 in 52 overs: Excitement from Jos Buttler behind the stumps and Joe Root at slip as Rahane tries to cut a short delivery from Moeen and misses. It doesn’t take the edge, though.

Excitement again as Rahane goes back in his crease to steer through cover. It narrowly evades the edge again.

Maiden over.

IND 103/3 in 51 overs: Loud cheers from the crowd as Pujara plays a square drive off Sam Curran and gets a boundary through gully. It’s the second boundary of Pujara’s innings and it brings up the 100 for India. It was a full delivery outside the off-stump.

Curran gets a delivery to angle in to Pujara from around the wicket. It pitches on a good length and hits Pujara on the back thigh. Huge shout for lbw. Not out. There was an inside edge on this, and the ball struck him too high as well.

IND 99/3 in 50 overs: A loud shout for lbw as a delivery from Moeen pitches on a good length outside the off-stump and turns into Pujara, hitting him on his knee roll. Pujara took few steps down the pitch and tried to smother this delivery by shaping to defend off the front foot.

England decides not to go for the review. It seemed to have hit him outside the line of the off-stump.

Pujara then flicks a delivery to midwicket for a single. Rahane sees a short delivery and cuts it away for another single. Pujara flicks again to pick up one more, on the final delivery.

IND 96/3 in 49 overs: Cheers again from the crowd as Wood resumes his short-ball barrage. Rahane pulls it fine and a single is picked up. It takes the edge of his bat.

Then Pujara gets one directed at his chest. He tucks it well to square to pick up a single. Rahane leaves two deliveries alone.

Wood switches to over the wicket. Rahane tucks one to fine leg for a single, before Pujara steers to point for another single.

IND 92/3 in 48 overs: Rahane drives to mid-off and picks up a single. Pujara defends two deliveries and then steers one to cover off the back foot for another single.

Rahane steers one to mid-on off the backfoot for another single.

IND 89/3 in 47 overs: Around the wicket from Wood.

Rahane pulls the first delivery well to square leg to pick up a single. Pujara ducks to the first short delivery he faces. Then he gets a short of a length delivery, angled across him; defends it well from his crease.

Then a short delivery is directed at his ribs. Pujara awkwardly tries to fend the ball off him; the ball travels past the diving wicketkeeper on the leg side for two runs.

Loud cheers from the crowd as Woods continues to bowl short at Pujara. Pujara ducks, then defends.

IND 86/3 in 46 overs: Sharp turn for Moeen, as he gets one to pitch outside the off-stump on a good length. Rahane steps back in the crease to cut the ball but the ball has turns so much that it hits the gloves.

Rahane cuts the next delivery – it had a similar line and length – to deep cover for a single.

IND 85/3 in 45 overs: Wood continues to bowl back of a length. The second delivery of the over is turned away to square leg by Pujara, it’s nicely stopped by the diving fielder. No run.

Then Woods fires a full one on middle-stump and Pujara is up to the task as he flicks nicely to pick up a boundary. Is it Pujara’s first boundary? Yes, it is, on the 118th delivery of his innings.

Then Woods switches to around the wicket for the short ball to Pujara, and a silly mid-off is brought in. No harm done, as he negotiates the delivery directed at his body safely.

IND 81/3 in 44 overs: Short delivery, outside off-stump, from Moeen. It’s cut away to cover off the back-foot by Rahane for a single.

Pujara comes down the track to Moeen to defend. Then again, to flick the ball to midwicket for a single. Two runs from the over.

IND 79/3 in 43 overs: Wood beats the bat of Rahane as Rahane tries to play the cut to a short-of-a-length delivery outside the off-stump.

And he continues to bowl the same length. Rahane punches twice off the back-foot for no run. Then he gets one on middle stump and turns it to midwicket for a single.

Pujara gets a short-of-a-length delivery outside the off-stump. He steers it to cover. No run.

The final delivery is a yorker. Dug out nicely by Pujara.

Mark Wood back into the attack.

IND 78/3 in 42 overs: A huge shout for lbw by Moeen and the keeper, Jos Buttler. It’s given not out. It’s a full length delivery pitched on middle-stump and turning into Rahane, who tamely tries to defend it off the front foot. The ball hits his front pad, but it’s perhaps going down the leg side.

Then Moeen bowls a short delivery which is hit to deep extra cover for a single.

No other run is taken in the rest of the over.

IND 77/3 in 41 overs: The second delivery of Robinson’s 10th over is defended off the backfoot by Pujara to huge cheers by the crowd. That was the 100th delivery Pujara faced in this innings.

Robinson tests Pujara out with a couple of short deliveries. No harm done as he negotiates them well.

IND 77/3 in 40 overs: Moeen starts off a full delivery on middle stump, it’s flicked mid-on. A full length delivery is driven to mid-off for no run. Then a similar delivery is defended. Rahane goes back in his crease to a slightly shorter delivery and turns it to square leg for a single.

Then a short-of-a-length delivery once again, this time, towards the off-side, played with the wrists to midwicket. Then he flicks one again, to midwicket, and picks up a single to take India’s lead to 50.

Time for some spin. Moeen Ali to bowl his first over.

IND 75/3 in 39 overs: Robinson bowls a short-of-a-length delivery, on an off-stump line, to Pujara, who stands tall and punches it hard. James Anderson at short cover dives to his right to stop the ball. No run.

The bowler sprays it down the leg side, and then bowls a bit straighter to Pujara off the same length, twice. Defended safely both times by the batsman.

The last ball is in the corridor. Left alone. Maiden over again. Time for drinks.

IND 75/3 in 38 overs: A half-volley on leg-stump, and it’s flicked nicely by Rahane to long leg and another boundary is picked up.

Curran switches to over the wicket. It’s in the corridor, angling into the right hander. Defended nicely off the front foot. Then slightly shorter, similar line, defended again, this time off the back foot.

Then Curran goes back to over the wicket. And it’s a full delivery on off-stump. Driven to mid-off. No run.

IND 71/3 in 37 overs: A quiet over from Robinson as he tests Pujara by mixing up his line. One is fired down the leg side, two are straighter (defended) and one is in the corridor (left alone).

It’s a maiden over.

IND 71/3 in 36 overs: More excitement from England’s players as Curran gets the ball to angle across Pujara and narrowly pass the edge of the batsman’s outstretched bat.

On the pads, it’s tucked to fine leg for two runs.

Then it’s dug in short, Pujara pulls well to collect another single to move to 11.

IND 68/3 in 35 overs: The first boundary for Rahane. It’s a short ball from Robinson, waiting to be put away, and Rahane makes no mistake. He rolls his wrists on it and pulls it to square leg for four.

It’s India’s first boundary after 13 overs.

The rest of the deliveries in the over are safely negotiated by Rahane, except the fourth delivery, which hits him high on the pads as he tried to defend. A gentle appeal, given not out.

Ollie Robinson back into the attack, replaces Anderson.

IND 64/3 in 34 overs: Sam Curran resumes from over the wicket to the right hander. It’s angled across Pujara, but it’s too wide. The ball safely passes by outside the off-stump.

Pujara judges the length early, it’s short of a length again, slightly straighter, and it crisply plays one off the backfoot to cover. It was the first aggressive stroke from Pujara in his innings, or at least a rare one.

He defends the rest of the deliveries, or leaves them alone outside the off-stump.

Sam Curran replaces Wood.

The last eight runs have all been singles.


IND 64/3 in 33 overs: A full delivery to Pujara first up from Anderson; it’s driven to extra cover for no run. It’s followed up by a delivery slightly shorter; Pujara tucks it to square leg. No run.

Pujara drives again, this time places it better, wide of the extra cover fielder. Adequate for a single.

The last two deliveries are defended well by Rahane.

IND 63/3 in 32 overs: Rahane gets a short-of-a-length delivery from Wood first up, and he pulls it wide of mid-on to pick up a single.

A fuller delivery, next up, for Pujara; it’s nicely defended off the front-foot. Wood bowls a similar length, but it’s slightly straighter, and Pujara turns the ball to square leg for a single.

Rahane stands tall and defends. Then he squirts one to point; it’s a full delivery and Rahane awkwardly plays the drive, and the ball takes the shoulder of the bat and trickles to point.

A bouncer to finish the over. Rahane ducks well.

IND 61/3 in 31 overs: A near edge! An excellent delivery from Anderson; in the corridor, slightly seams away after pitching. Narrowly evades the edge of the Pujara’s bat.

Pujara contines to defend. He plays one off the back-foot to point and immediately says ‘no’. Last ball: he defends off the back-foot nicely again. A maiden over.

IND 61/3 in 30 overs: Wood continues to bowl short. Is it a strategy from him or is it a length he has gravitated to?

EDGE! But it falls short of the fielder at second slip, Jonny Bairstow. Slightly fuller from Wood, takes the shoulder of Pujara’s bat, and falls just short of Bairstow.

Pujara picks up a single next ball as he steers one to gully. Left alone and then defended off the back foot by Rahane, in the last two deliveries of the over.

IND 60/3 in 29 overs: Short of a length, outside off-stump, from Anderson. It’s steered to point by Pujara for a single. A quick run.

Rahane gets an inside edge a couple of times as he tries to defend.

The fifth delivery of the over is overpitched; it’s driven to extra cover for no run. Rahane does well to leave the last delivery of the over alone outside the off-stump.

IND 59/3 in 28 overs: Rahane pulls a short delivery to pick up a single.

Pujara pushes one to the off-side and picks up a quick single.

A full delivery for a change, from Wood, and it’s driven crisply to mid-off for no run.

IND 57/3 in 27 overs: Rahane leaves the deliveries outside the off-stump, or gets behind the deliveries to defend off the back-foot or front-foot.

A quick single taken as he defends to cover. Keeps strike for the next over.

Anderson back into the attack to bowl his 10th over.

IND 56/3 in 26 overs: Pujara gets behind the short-of-a-length deliveries nicely. When he gets a fuller length delivery, he defends solidly again.

Mark Wood with the ball in hand, to bowl the first over after lunch. His sixth. His figures: 2 for 16.


A critical phase of play for India, coming up. Its middle order has looked shaky in recent times, but if Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara stitch a useful partnership, they would have chosen a good time to come back to form.

Rahane has scored a total of five runs in the two innings he has batted in this series, while Pujara’s scored this series have been: 4, 12 n.o., and 9.


Kohli has now gone seven innings without a 50-plus score in Tests. His last half-century was against England in Chennai in February, in the second Test of a four-Test series.

His scores since then: 27, 0, 44, 13, 0, 42 and 20.

And he hasn’t scored a century since November, 2019, when he scored 136 against Bangladesh in the day-night Test at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.


A nightmarish start for the visitor as England jolts it with three massive wickets. KL Rahul was the first to depart to a beauty from Wood. Rohit’s instinct got the better off him after a brief period of blossom and it cast the way for England to a wobbly middle-order. The skipper Kohli had a huge opportunity to sneak back into form but his problem with the drive outside the off-stump continued as Curran extracted the perfect outswinger to dismiss him.

With Rahane and Pujara, two batsmen hungry for runs yet iffy for a large part on the tour at the crease, India is yet to be assured of a firm spot. England is poised to come out all guns blazing and India’s position in the Test moves to a precarious point in the matter of 150 deliveries.

IND 56/3 in 25 overs: LUNCH. Rahane negotiates Robinson and the players move into the break after an eventful session. England well in the driver’s seat as India suffers a dramatic step-down.

Virat Kohli fell for 20 to Sam Curran at the stroke of Lunch on Day 4.   –  Action Images via Reuters


IND 55/3 in 24 overs: Curran to Kohli. OUT! Another edge and GONE! Massive jolt for India! Perhaps the best ball Curran has yet bowled in the two Tests put together and he gets the biggest scalp of the day. Kohli’s trouble with the drive continues as he pokes at it away from his reach with the ball away from him. His face falls almost instantly as Buttler does the rest behind the stumps. England is jubilant and why not! Kohli c Buttler b Sam Curran 20(31)

IND 55/2 in 23 overs: Pujara nearly out to leg gully! Robinson puts him in a spot with a sharp ball angling in towards his hip. Pujara attempts to tuck it fine and the ball nearly lobs onto the fielder.

IND 53/2 in 22 overs: England loses a review. Curran tails the ball in sharply and hits high on Kohli’s pads. Root goes up for it and finds that the ball is easily missing the stumps.

IND 52/2 in 21 overs: Kohli continues to build on. Robinson goes full and Kohli glides it down to third man for four. Robinson comes back with a jaffa that skims past the blade. He continues with another ball sliding in and Kohli flicks it past short leg for another boundary.

IND 44/2 in 20 overs: The loudest cheer of the day goes to…. Pujara who finds his first run after an eternity. A poke to midwicket and gets off mark. Kohli takes a single off the last ball and retains strike.

IND 42/2 in 19 overs: Robinson keeps the ball away from Kohli’s arc. Kohli maintains his guard and lets the outswingers move away from his vision. Another quiet over.

Robinson replaces Anderson

IND 42/2 in 18 overs: Kohli opens the face of the bat to point and finds a single first ball. Pujara moves into a deep rut. Curran angles the ball and Pujara’s wavy bat continues to find the edge, and he’s yet to get off mark.

IND 41/2 in 17 overs: Anderson v Kohli and the Indian skipper begins with a drive through point for four. Opens the face of the bat and leans into it and the ball beats Sibley to the boundary. Anderson fires one in outside the off-stump and leaves Kohli fluffing at one again, beaten. Kohli takes a single and exchanges a few words with Jimmy. A tussle begins to simmer.

Rohit as Test opener vs fast bowlers

14 dismissals, five off the hook shot.

IND 32/2 in 16 overs: Kohli flakes Curran’s wide delivery through covers but only finds a single this time. Pujara continues his dead-batted approach and moves to nought off 23 deliveries.

Curran replaces Wood

IND 31/2 in 15 overs: Anderson pins down Pujara further. He tucks the ball in to Pujara who is having a tough time pushing it the on-side. He’s yet to get off the mark and Anderson completes another maiden.

IND 31/2 in 14 overs: IND moves into the lead with a sumptuous cover drive from Kohli. Full and wide from Wood and Kohli is on it in a flash. Perfect balance and leans into the drive and the skipper is off the blocks.

IND 27/2 in 13 overs: Pujara’s iffy start continues as Anderson finds the edge almost instantly. The ball falls short of first slip as Pujara’s soft hands save him. Anderson zips the ball in but Pujara manages to nudge it away from the pitch.

IND 27/2 in 12 overs: Wood to Rohit. OUT! Wood wins the short-ball contest! Oh, what have you done, Rohit?After a thunderous pull shot that flies past midwicket way back into the stands, Rohit goes for it again. He mistimes it this time and Ali at backward square tumbles before completing the catch. Wood’s ploy works as Rohit’s instinct gets the better off him again. He’ll be kicking himself for throwing this start away and India is in deep, deep trouble all of a sudden.  Rohit Sharma c Ali b Wood 21 (36b 2×4 1×6)

IND 21/1 in 11 overs: Anderson strays to the pads twice and Rohit tucks them fine to get three runs. Pujara gets a nice taste of the pitch as Anderson sharply pumps one on to his shoulders. Pujara fails to keep the bat out of it and fortunately the ball falls away from the stumps.

IND 18/1 in 10 overs: Wood to Rahul. OUT! Edged and gone! A fiery delivery that maintains a nagging line, straight to Rahul outside the off-stump. A bit of extra bounce as well and Rahul couldn’t bail out of that one. The edge flies straight to Buttler and Wood’s remarkable change in line works for him. Pujara comes in and wades out of trouble as Wood maintains his firm line of attack. KL Rahul c †Buttler b Wood 5 (30b)

IND 18/0 in 9 overs: Anderson keeps the ball away from the batsmen’s reach, hoping to lure them into the drive.  Rahul pushes one to point and gets a single before Rohit sees off the last two deliveries.

IND 17/0 in 8 overs: Wood reworks on his length and drills the ball in straight with seething pace. Rohit isn’t flustered by the pace and defends the deliveries with a solid bat.

IND 17/0 in 7 overs: Big escape for Rahul! Anderson shuns him with a wobbled delivery that seams in sharply to hit Rahul flush on the pads. The angle was the only problem on that one and umpire Illingworth denies a wicket. Root goes up for the review with much deliberation and the replays suggest it’s pretty close! Umpires call on wickets and Rahul survive. Anderson grimaces in disbelief.

IND 15/0 in 6 overs: All class, Sharma! Wood strays to the pads and both batters have a whip to square leg to rotate strike. Wood bowls another delivery tailing in to Rohit. Rohit stands tall and easily works it through mid-on for a glorious boundary. The timing of this man!

Wood replaces Robinson. Interesting that Root has brought him early this time. He didn’t have a look in in the first session in India’s first innings.


IND 9/0 in 5 overs: Anderson has his tail up. He fires in a couple of bouncers to Rahul and even puts Buttler in a tough spot to hold onto them. The wily seamer sends the ball fuller and makes Rahul poke at it. He beats the outside edge and puts Rahul in an awkward stance. Another maiden for Jimmy.

IND 9/0 in 4 overs: Rohit off the blocks. Robinson begins with a snorter that moves a shade away from Rohit’s outside edge. Rohit waits patiently on the ball and opens the face for a fuller delivery through covers and finds two runs. Robinson pushes another one forward and Rohit sends a mere push down the ground for India’s first boundary.

IND 2/0 in 3 overs: Anderson shapes the ball away from Rahul who continues to play the ball immaculately late. Anderson brings the ball in with a nippy seam and hits Rahul’s pads outside the off-stump at the end of the over.

IND 2/0 in 2 overs: Robinson begins with a couple of loose deliveries down leg to Rohit. He gets his length right later on and tails the ball in off the fourth stump line to beat Rohit’s bat. Rohit completes the over with a forward press and leaves the ball on length outside the off-stump.

Robinson into the attack

IND 2/0 in 1 over: Anderson strays to the pads twice, helping Rahul and Rohit to get off the mark. Rahul’s back on strike and Anderson fires in the wobbled seam delivery and Rahul does well to get his bat out of the way. Anderson follows with another sharp nip-backer. Rahul plays close to his body and the ball whiffs past the bat to Buttler.

James Anderson with the new ball. Rahul on strike. Big hour coming up.

Day 4, underway!  In walk the Indian openers Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. Root’s men follow and take their positions.


3:25PM IST: All bright and beaming at Lord’s at the moment. In for a cracker of a day, folks.

3:20PM IST: No better day to regain his mojo with the willow. Seems to be content with the football for now.

Big day for the skip.   –  AP


3:12PM IST: The drizzle has stopped and the covers have been taken off as well. Rohit and Rahul will have a huge challenge in the first hour.

3:08PM IST: A slight drizzle is on at the ground but shouldn’t hurt our start in about 22 minutes for now.

2:45PM IST: Anderson had quite the chirp at stumps after copping a bouncer barrage from Bumrah. He’ll surely be fired up with the new Dukes today.

Some sparks flared at stumps on day 3.   –  BCCI


2:41PM IST: It’s a gloomy start at Lord’s. Nevertheless, the Indians seem to be pumped up and ready for the day in their animated huddle.

2:37PM IST: An unforgettable day for numerous reasons for India. MS pinned one more last year, in his own unique demeanour.


2:10PM IST: Cloudy day on forecast. Let’s hope rain doesn’t intervene to spoil the party once again.


1:45PM IST: Just how good was this man yesterday. Here’s what Michael Atherton had to tell about Root’s run-riot: READ

England batsman Joe Root plays a ramp shot for 4 runs off bowler Mohammed Siraj during day three of the second Test against India at Lord’s.   –  Getty Images



India received a massive wake-up call on day three at Lord’s. If Kohli’s men had any hopes of having it easy against a depleted English squad, it was quashed away by a glorious innings from skipper Joe Root. Root’s scorching summer just went up another level as he soaked all the pressure of coming in early once again before piercing the gaps for fun and made India’s seamers look hapless.

India was out of the contest for more than two sessions with some poor tactics by Kohli, forcing India into to a defensive approach. Root wish brief cameos from Bairstow and Ali plundered the bowlers before deftly pushing England to the lead with his fourth 150-plus score at Lord’s as the run-charts for the year was set on fire once again.

Root’s fifth Ton of the year meant he’s done a hefty share of England’s batting in whites this year and well, it’s snatched away the equation of an Indian win for the moment. India’s late return was remarkable enough as Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Siraj shunned the lower-order to low scores and helped India to maintain a line within striking distance ahead of day four. England’s 27-run lead would be inconsequential for both sides but Root would be content with the fact that he’s pushed India to the edge.

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Kohli will be wary of what could ensue. Another dismal performance from the middle-order could well prove costly for the visitor. Rohit and Rahul will be at the fore of India’s chances of seeing off the English seamers early once again before bidding for a gripping fifth day finish. Up for another cracking day at Lord’s!



Jonny Bairstow: “I’m not a bookie; I don’t think I’ll ever be one. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. We’ve got a new ball in our hands. We saw it was tough and challenging when they got their second new ball today. We come in tomorrow all fired up; we’ve got guys we’re able to challenge in every way possible. We’ve got the pace of Woody (Mark Wood), we’ve got the swing of Jimmy (Anderson), we’ve got the nip of Ollie Rob (Ollie Robinson). Not to mention Sammy Curran (Sam Curran). It’s going to be a really challenging day hopefully, for the Indians. We’ll be looking to make sure we challenge every part of their game.”

Mohammed Siraj: “This story (celebration) is for the haters (critics) because they used to say a lot of things about me like he cannot do this and cannot do that. So, I will only let my ball do the talking and hence this is my new style of celebration.”

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Playing XIs

India XI:  Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), R Jadeja,  Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Rory Burns, Dom Sibley, Haseeb Hameed, Moeen Ali, Joe Root (c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Ollie Robinson, Mark Wood, James Anderson


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