Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the second Test between India and England as action unfolds at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

Domination 101 for Kohli’s men at Lord’s as a Rohit Sharma masterclass, propelled further by a peak KL Rahul meant England was peeled off its comfort zones in their backyard. After England looked menacing at the start, Rohit and Rahul kept their cool through the phase and made the bowlers pay with a range of exquisite shots on either sides of the wicket. While Rohit raced through his innings with ease, Rahul cocooned himself from the bowlers at the other end. Rohit’s agonising end meant Rahul had to switch on and boy he aced it with some flair. Rahul’s cracking overhaul witnessed a flurry of boundaries through the ‘V’ to help himself to a classic hundred and India towards a fine total on day one at Lord’s.

ENG vs IND: K. L. Rahul scores his first Test century since August, 2018  

IND 276/3 in 90 overs: STUMPS after an iffy play and a miss from Rahane. 119 runs in 38 overs in a fine session for the visitor to seal off a near perfect day.

IND 275/3 in 89 overs: Rahane moves forward to see off Robinson’s nipbackers. Robinson isn’t pretty happy to see the confident defence off his deliveries and has a few words to share with the batter. Rahane continues to present a dead bat to see off Robinson for the day. One over remains in the day.

IND 274/3 in 88 overs: Curran attacks the stumps and hopes to extract some movement off the seam but does not receive apprieciable assistance. Rahul does well to prod forward and see off the left-armer.

Curran replaces Anderson

IND 273/3 in 87 overs: England loses a review after a loud shot for an lbw. Robinson tails one in to Rahane on his pads but umpire Illingworth denies a wicket. Root goes for the review and the reviews suggest the ball is well and truly missing the leg-stump.

IND 273/3 in 86 overs: Rahul continues to pummel Anderson through the covers. Anderson seems visibly tired as he pushes on wide of off to Rahul who flakes the ball through the covers once again for four.

IND 267/3 in 85 overs: Robinson to Kohli. OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Massive blow right at the stroke of stumps!  Stark contrast to his escape in the last over. He has a poke at a ball that could have been left on length with hard hands and pays the price, a costly one. Robinson’s nagging line does the trick and Kohli’s rather pale run continues. Virat Kohli c Root b Robinson 42 (103b 3×4)

The big fish is on his way before stumps. Kohli falls for 42.   –  Getty Images


IND 266/2 in 84 overs: Rahul finds the point boundary again as he quickly opens the face off the back-foot against a tired Anderson. Anderson hangs his head low after that but does well to find Kohli’s outside edge that nearly carries to third-slip. Kohli’s soft push helps him survive this time.

IND 260/2 in 83 overs: Robinson varies his line around the off-stump and across the stumps to Rahul who seems a bit eager to push at anything at the moment. Maiden for Robinson as Rahul keeps his guard down.

IND 260/2 in 82 overs: Rahul nearly gives it away as he attempts a sheepish pull that falls short of the square leg fielder. Kohli needs to take the onus on seeing off the day as Rahul’s fatigue might just present England a faint chance here.

Anderson from the other end

IND 258/2 in 81 overs: Oozing class! Robinson starts with a cracker that cuts Rahul’s defense but the centurion responds in style. Robinson goes full in an attempt to make Rahul drive and the overpitched delivery is crashed through covers with disdain for another four.

‘Rahuls generally do well at Lord’s’   –  Getty Images


New ball taken. Robinson to start

IND 252/2 in 80 overs: 100-run partnership for Rahul and Kohli! They’ve transcended with ease through the third session and India has easily put the pressure on England with nearly hundred runs in the session already. The new ball is due and Root would hope to correct his early mistakes from the day in this brief period.

IND 249/2 in 79 overs: Ali continues to bowl a tad too full and Kohli easily pushes them away to sneak a single. A patient hold from Kohli allows Ali to get away from here.

IND 247/2 in 78 overs: High Class KL gets to his sixth Test ton! First in three years since his 149 at Oval in 2018 and boy, this has been a gem of a knock. He roars in delight and a highly deserved reward for a top-draw comeback.

Indian Test centurions at Lord’s

V. Mankad, G. Viswanath, D. Vengsarkar, M. Azharuddin, R. Shastri, S. Ganguly, A. Agarkar, R. Dravid, A. Rahane, KL Rahul.

IND 241/2 in 77 overs: A hint of fortune again for Kohli. Ali’s fuller delivery outside off keeps low and Kohli gets a bottom-edge that nearly crashes back on the stumps. Instead, the ball simply trickles down the third man boundary and India continues to maintain a dominant position in the third session.

IND 235/2 in 76 overs: Crunch from Rahul! Wood drills it wide of off-stump but Rahul finds himself over it and thumps it through the covers once again. Easy on the eyes and just like that his composure has put on the brim of a fine Test hundred.

IND 229/2 in 75 overs: Some fine drift and turn for Ali. Kohli instantly pushes back in the crease and negotiates him off the back-foot. The new ball is due in five overs and Root’s perhaps pinned his opens on the new cherry.

IND 227/2 in 74 overs: KL and Kohli are in no rush at the moment. Wood continues to steam in but fails to stun the batters with his pace in this spell.

IND 225/2 in 73 overs: Ali goes short to Rahul and induces a loose stroke that nearly chops the ball to the stumps. Rahul does well to rotate strike to Kohli who defends well to keep the anchors down.

IND 224/4 in 72 overs: Kohli survives!  Robinson brings in Haseeb at short leg and bowls a fuller length attacking the stumps. Kohli struggles to keep out a straight delivery and Robinson zips another one in towards the bat. Kohli pokes at it and the leading edges flies past the short leg fielder and falls short off mid-on.

IND 223/2 in 71 overs: Kohli unsettles Ali with another drag-whip down the ground for four. Ali gets his punishment for being too ambitious and England is being pushed out of the session comfortably the batters.

IND 217/2 in 70 overs: Robinson attempts to release from wide of the crease and seam the ball in. Kohli and Rahul keep the probing balls out and quickly shift strike with a couple of singles.

IND 214/2 in 69 overs: Positive footwork from Kohli as Ali bowls a fuller length. The batters in three runs as Root continues to juggle his bowlers in a bid to make a break.

Ali returns

IND 211/2 in 68 overs: Sumptuous from Kohli! Robinson goes full and is instantly punished with a fierce punch through covers. Best shot off his blade today and Kohli is slowly moving back into his element.

Robinson is back

IND 206/2 in 67 overs: Curran tries to vary his lengths and test Rahul. He beats the blade twice but Rahul maintains his composure to negate him any leads.


IND 204/2 in 66 overs: A quiet period of play as the bowlers have regained their rhythm again. Wood draws a fuller length just a tinge outside off to pin Kohli down in the over.

IND 203/2 in 65 overs: Curran beats Kohli outside the off-stump again and surely the skipper isn’t in his best touch. The runs have come at a decent clip so far for India in the session and Kohli wouldn’t want to read too much into this phase of play.

Highest score by Indian openers at Lord’s on Day 1 of a Test:

84* Rahul, 83 Rohit, 81 N Contractor, 72 Vinoo Mankad

IND 202/2 in 64 overs: 200 up for India! Some quick running on display as Kohli takes charge in the innings. Kohli and Rahul bring up their 50-run partnership and it’s been a swift recovery in the third session for India.

IND 197/2 in 63 overs: Curran draws a fuller length and forces Rahul to go low on his shots. Three runs come off it as Rahul moves into the eighties.

First time Indian openers crossed 80 in the same innings outside Asia since 1986.

IND 194/2 in 62 overs:  Wood’s quicker deliveries continues to bother Rahul who somehow manages to get away from strike. Wood attempts to stun Kohli with a wobbly jump away from his run-up while pushing one outside off. Kohli gets an inside-edge on it but keeps it well within control with a soft block.

IND 191/2 in 61 overs: Curran puts Kohli in a spot with a gentle away-swinger from outside the off-stump. Kohli wafts his bat at it away from the body and a slick nick would have sent him on his way back to the dugout.

IND 188/2 in 60 overs: Kohli continues to nudge about the gaps and slowly set himself in. Wood cuts his pace and aims to dislodge Kohli with a sharper line of attack around the off-stump.

IND 187/2 in 59 overs: Rahul continues his fine touch as he creams Curran for another exquisite boundary through the covers. He is poised for a big one here and with Kohli to ease the pressure off him, he’d love a ton in this innings.

Curran into the attack

IND 179/2 in 58 overs: Rahul gets above Anderson with another neat cut through point for four. He has effortlessly shifted gears ever since Rohit’s dismissal.

IND 175/2 in 57 overs: Robinson tails in down leg and Rahul clips it past a diving Buttler for four. Robinson then beats Kohli who attempts a tame heave to midwicket and misses. Robinson gets his line all wrong again as the ball hits the length and darts way past Buttler for four byes.

IND 166/2 in 56 overs: Anderson v Kohli and the Indian skipper gets off the mark with a quick thud to the covers. Anderson continues to test Rahul with the wobbled seam but Rahul leaves no room for him to sneak through.

IND 164/2 in 55 overs: Robinson tails the ball in sharply to Rahul who’s up for it quickly. Rahul does well to stay on the leg-side and poke at it late to see off a brilliant delivery.

IND 161/2 in 54 overs: Rahul’s quietly raised his game at one end. Anderson offers a hint of width and Rahul rocks back in the crease and cuts past point for a boundary.

IND 157/2 in 53 overs: Loud shout for a caught behind!  Robinson bowls in the fine channel outside off and Kohli goes for the forward defence and misses. Robinson whiffs past the outside-edge and the England fielders are excited but the umpires turns them down. Root opts out for a review and rightly so, ball clearly misses the blade.

Third session begins. Ollie Robinson up against Kohli..


A probing spell from Anderson has left India two wickets down at tea. But the day has still so far been India’s.

Rahul has opened up a touch after the dismissal of Rohit. And with Kohli at the crease, India would hope to build on a solid foundation.

Yet, Rohit would be disappointed at getting out yet another time after a start. But this was more than a start, and had it not been for the expertise of Anderson, he probably would have reached triple figures. His tendency to play his strokes cannot be blamed for his dismissal.

Join us, for the third session, in about 20 minutes.

IND 157/2 in 52 overs: Rahul confidently negotiates the last over before tea, bowled by James Anderson. He defends the deliveries or leaves them alone, except on the final delivery. It’s full, outside off, and Rahul felt he could stroke it for a boundary.

He leans into the drive and the ball races to the cover boundary. Rahul moves to 55.

IND 153/2 in 51 overs: The crowd makes a nice in anticipation of the contest between Anderson and Kohli, who was dismissed first ball by Anderson in the previous Test at Trent Bridge.

This time, Kohli defends the delivery nicely. And then leaves the ball alone.

Meanwhile, K. L. Rahul reaches his half-century by picking up three runs through third man. A watchful innings, this, from Rahul.

IND 153/2 in 50 overs: And a wicket! Pujara falls to Anderson cheaply for the second time in this series. It’s a similar delivery to the one that nearly dismissed him in the previous delivery; short of a length, outside the off stump, and Pujara edges to third slip this time. The ball doesn’t rise as high as the other one.

Bairstow makes no mistake.

IND 147/1 in 49 overs: The first ball is sprayed down the leg side. Pujara safely negotiates the rest of the deliveries in the over – leaving them alone or defending them – as this over yields no run.

Ollie Robinson back into the attack, to bowl his 11th over.

James Anderson celebrates after getting ri of Cheteshwar Pujara. – GETTY IMAGES


IND 147/1 in 48 overs: And Pujara is nearly dismissed! Another reprieve for him as he hangs his bat out to a short-of-a-length delivery from Anderson. There is a gap between the third slip and gully, it goes through that gap. The fielder at gully tried to catch it by diving it his left; he got a hand to it.

A fuller delivery from Anderson is square driven by Pujara for a single.

IND 142/1 in 47 overs: Rahul gets an inside edge to the leg side for a single. And Pujara tucks one to the leg side and says ‘ya’ to signal that a single can be picked up. Mark Wood’s eighth over yields two runs.

IND 140/1 in 46 overs: Anderson gets the ball to come into Pujara, it hits the batsman on the pads. There’s a huge shout for lbw! The umpire doesn’t give it out, and the review is taken.

Going over! The ball hit him above the knee-roll. The height saves him.

The next delivery is a touch fuller. It hits the outside edge of Pujara’s bat and a single is picked up. Rahul gets one on the pads and he clips it to midwicket to pick up three runs.

IND 136/1 in 45 overs: Rahul tries to turn a good-length delivery from Mark Wood to the leg side, and he turn the bat too early as the ball hits the outside edge and trickles to the off-side. Two runs taken.

A short and wide delivery – not too wide – and Rahul cuts the ball nicely to pick up four runs through point. Rahul’s opening up here: he gets a full length delivery, and he goes on his knee to reach out for it and plays a square drive for another four. He wasn’t fully in control of that one, though. Slightly streaky.

The last delivery is left alone.

IND 126/1 in 44 overs: Rohit does have a ‘feel’ for the ball from Anderson. And the next delivery is a similar one, but does it come back in? Yes it comes back into the batsman. And Rohit is bowled!

Out for 83. Rohit was caught by surprise as he tried to safely negotiate that delivery from Anderson. Anderson’s expertise has to account for that dismissal. It was a brilliant delivery, goes through the batsman, brushing the thighs en route.

Cheteshwar Pujara, the new batsman, safely leaves the last delivery outside the off-stump.

IND 126/0 in 43 overs: A short-of-a-length delivery, outside the off-stump, it’s punched off the back foot by Rahul for a single. Rohit picks up a single off a similar delivery.

A full delivery for a change, on the fourth ball. Rahul drives but doesn’t time the ball well. Two runs.

Then a short ball. Rahul attempts to pull but doesn’t connect. Another short ball to end the over, Rahul ducks this time.

Mark Wood into the attack.

IND 122/0 in 42 overs: Anderson back into the attack. Rahul picks up a single after tapping the ball to mid-on.

Rohit gets right behind the deliveries from Anderson to defend them. Or he sees the width and decides to shoulder arms. And when it’s on an off-stump line, narrowly evading the off-stump, he is careful not to ‘feel’ for the ball.

IND 121/0 in 41 overs: Rahul tees off! He steps down the ground to Moeen, and casually lofts the ball over his head for a six. A serene stroke.

Later in the over, he goes back in his crease to punch a delivery to extra-cover and picks up a single.

114/0 in 40 overs: He calls for ‘one’ again, after tucking one off his legs, on the first ball of this new over from Curran. Rohit defends or leaves the deliveries alone as Curran comes from around the wicket to him. Cries of ‘oh’ as Rohit leaves one angling into him from outside the off-stump; it was very close to hitting the stumps.

A loud shout for lbw as Curran surprises Rohit by bowling a fast yorker on the last delivery. It hits Rohit on his boots; the umpire gives it not out. The ball would have been going down the leg side, as per first impression.

IND 113/0 in 39 overs: Rohit steps down the track to Moeen and gently works the delivery away to square leg for a single to move to 82. Rahul stays back in his crease and punches the ball away to extra cover for a single: he calls for ‘one’ immediately after playing the stroke, so there’s no confusion.

IND 111/0 in 38 overs: A single and a leg-bye taken from Sam Curran’s 10th over. Both deliveries were on the pads of the batsmen. Rohit failed to put bat on ball on the second one.

IND 109/0 in 37 overs: Just when one thought Rahul would be content in dead-batting all deliveries from Moeen in his role as second fiddle to Rohit, he draws a hush from the crowd as he tries to turn to full length delivery to leg and misses it! No damage done, though.

He takes a single off the final ball through long-on to keep strike.

IND 108/0 in 36 overs: Sam Curran angles one across K. L. Rahul from over the stumps, and Rahul carefully leaves it alone as it travels to the keeper outside the off-stump. Then he gets one on the pads and picks up a single on the leg-side.

Rohit nearly chops on! He gets a short-of-a-length delivery on middle stump and he tries play the late cut, the ball takes the inside edge of the bat and nearly shaves the stumps!

A short-of-a-length delivery, and Rohit uses his wrist to turn the ball from outside the off-stump to midwicket. Almost as if he were in India. No run.

It’s drinks.

IND 105/0 in 35 overs: A single taken through long-on in the fourth over from Moeen Ali. The final delivery also produces a single, again through long-on.

IND 103/0 in 34 overs: Rohit gets another from Curran on his legs, and tucks it away to fine leg for two runs. He gets a short ball and he pulls it to long-leg for a single.

IND 100/0 in 33 overs: A cheer from the crowd, perhaps mostly from the Indian spectators, as Rohit breaks the lull in play by stepping down the track and lofting the ball over mid-on’s head for a four. He moves to 74. He takes a single through long-on off the fifth delivery to bring up India’s 100.

IND 93/0 in 32 overs: Rohit gets a short-of-a-length ball on his legs and tucks it away for a single. A quiet over, otherwise, from Sam Curran.

IND 92/0 in 31 overs: Rahul takes off for a single where there wasn’t one. Fortunately, was sent back by his partner quickly and no harm was done. A single run from this over from Moeen Ali.

IND 91/0 in 30 overs: Curran’s length is off the mark once again. He strays onto the pads and Rahul nudges towards fine leg to chip an easy two.

Curran replaces Wood

IND 86/0 in 29 overs: Evidently no turn on offer for Ali and he goes full to Rahul outside off. Ali’s pace puts Rahul in a spot for a moment before regaining his touch to see him off.

Moeen Ali into the attack

IND 86/0 in 28 overs: Stand and deliver! Wood puts all his might behind the short ball again – 93.4mph – but fails to flinch Rohit. In all elegance, Rohit stands up and waltzes it in a flash through midwicket. A shot of authority and a sign that he’s upped a gear in the innings.

IND 78/0 in 27 overs: Robinson continues to cramp Rahul for room. Working around the stumps and the odd away-swinger. Rahul continues to push and prod and survive.

IND 77/0 in 26 overs: Hitman mode on? Wood delivers a fiery bouncer and Rohit sets up in trademark style with a massive pull with disdain. This time it sails past the fine leg fielder all the way for six and Rohit continues to build on a fine innings.

IND 71/0 in 25 overs: Fifty for Rohit! His second overseas half-century as opener. He gently tucks away a nip-backer through midwicket and gets to the mark.

IND 68/0 in 24 overs: Rohit continues to chip away as he uses Wood’s pace to exploit the gaps. Wood goes wide outside of off and Rohit pushes down the slope for two runs. Wood follows up with a sharp ball down leg and Rohit easily puts it down fine leg for another boundary.

IND 60/0 in 23 overs: Rahul continues to block and see off the bowlers. Haven’t really got a break to up the ante but Rahul continues to keep his calm and rotate strike with Rohit.

IND 57/0 in 22 overs: Rohit continues to plant his foot forward and block with assured feet. Wood ups his pace and dishes a few bumpers in the over to Rahul who gets out of it with a iffy shot to the on-side. 

IND 56/0 in 21 overs: Fifty up for India and Rohit moves into his 40s with a low block outside the off-stump, opens his face just that much to glide it past slips for four through third man.

First 50-plus opening partnership at Lord’s in the first innings for India since 1952!

IND 46/0 in 20 overs: Wood into the attack and the pace meter raises through the roof instantly. Rahul blocks him off and hands a maiden.

IND 46/0 in 19 overs: The ball skims low past Rohit on return. No harm done as he leaves them on its way outside the off-stump.  Big session for Rohit to overhaul his overseas run as an opener. Have got another start, time to seize it the momentum.

Robinson returns to complete his over.

Second session begins..


6:15PM IST: All set for play to resume on time for the second session. The weather has brightened up and the Indian openers have done well to see off the first couple of hours, albeit at the loss of five to six overs to rain.

5:55PM IST: The rain has stopped at Lord’s.

5:35PM IST: Early Lunch has been taken as the slight mizzle continues to frustrate the players.

And another drizzle forces stoppage in play. Beats all the forecasts once again and it just seems like a passing shower. Play should resume soon enough. The groundsmen have only covered the centre wicket for the moment.


Jimmy Anderson becomes the first fast bowler and fourth overall to bowl 45,000 international deliveries.   –  AP


IND 46/0 in 18 overs: A couple of runs coming off a streaky edge for Rahul. Anderson continues to ply his tricks without reward. The openers are nearly through to a fifty-run stand here.

IND 44/0 in 17 overs: Curran is leaking and Rohit gets another fine boundary down the leg side.

IND 38/0 in 16 overs: Anderson hits the good length and continues to employ the wobbled seam. Rahul does fairly well to jump further outside the crease to see off the nagging delivery. Anderson maintains his line and completes a maiden.

IND 38/0 in 15 overs: High class, Rohit!  Curran is demolished in a span of five balls as Rohit’s adept sense of timing wins him three exquisite boundaries – two through point and a delicate flick through square leg – before finding a lucky edge past the slip cordon for another four.

IND 22/0 in 14 overs: The batters slowly find the gaps. Rahul pushes Anderson past mid-on with a neat push and gets three runs. Rohit closes the over with another flick for a single.

IND 18/0 in 13 overs: First boundary for India. Curran continues to bowl down leg and Rohit gets a freebie to break the shackles. He simply flicks it to fine leg and the ball beats the fielder to the fence.

IND 14/0 in 12 overs: Cracking return for Jimmy! Anderson gets the ball to tail in off the wobbly seam and it nearly clips through Rohit’s defence. He hits the pads twice with a sharp inside-edge and Rohit manages to survive. Rahul gets himself to danger as he attempts to push at a ball away from his body outside off.

Anderson replaces Robinson

IND 13/0 in 11 overs: Curran strays to the pads this time. Rohit and Rahul exchange strike with a couple of singles. The runs haven’t come gushing in but neither have the openers lost their resolve.

IND 11/0 in 10 overs: A couple of runs for the batters as Robinson goes short. Rohit carefully places Robinson through midwicket for two runs to break his rut.

IND 8/0 in 9 overs: Curran keeps a tight length first-up against Rohit. He brings the ball into Rohit who stays further ahead to negate the swing and see them off.

Curran replaces Anderson

IND 8/0 in 8 overs: Edged but falls short of second slip! Robinson’s relentless push gets him the outside edge off Rahul. Rahul’s drawn into it and the edge falls inches short of Sibley.

IND 8/0 in 7 overs: Save the slow start, Rohit and Rahul have done well to minimise the errors off themselves. Anderson and Robinson have bowled in a strict channel to complement their efforts and well, it’s a top start with an interesting duel at the middle.

IND 7/0 in 6 overs: A snorter from Robinson to complete the over. Rohit waits for a shorter length but Robinson draws fuller and gets the ball to jump out, right outside the off-stump. Rohit’s beaten all ends up and gives away a wry smile to the bowler. Testing conditions for the batters.

IND 6/0 in 5 overs: Rahul gets off strike with a quick single onto the off-side. Rohit is in line for a couple of beauties from Anderson who finishes the over by beating the outside edge.

IND 3/0 in 4 overs: Rohit is in no rush. Robinson continues to jag the ball back in but a solid defense keeps Rohit well away from danger.

IND 3/0 in 3 overs: Probing over from Anderson. Rahul continues to mark an excellent defence, leaning low and forward and playing the ball of the last second.

Virat Kohli – only captain in history to have played eight or more Tests in a country without winning a toss.

IND 3/0 in 2 overs: Huge scare for Rohit! Robinson begins with a sharp nip-backer that hits the length and goes past the off-stump by a whisker. Rohit plays for the line and decides to leave the ball and it could have proved costly for him. Robinson continues to work around Rohit’s defense as another similar delivery gets the inside-edge. Rohit’s solid push down the ground then gets him a comfortable two.


Robinson from the other end

IND 1/0 in 1 over: Jimmy begins with typical flair. A hint of shape away from Rohit to start. Rohit lets it on its way and gets off the mark with a decent flick to square leg.

Anderson to Rohit for the start. Sunshine beaming all of a sudden.

Surprise.. the players are back in the middle!

3:56PM IST: Teasing little spells of rain. The covers are coming off.

3:46PM IST: OH SNAP! Just as the players took their positions, rain returned to frustrate everyone. The covers are being rushed back on. What a bummer.

Here we go! India’s openers Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul walk out to the middle. Root’s men take their positions as well.


Session break-up  (UK timinings)

Session 1: 11.15am-1.15pm.

Lunch: 1.15pm-1.55pm

Session 2: 1.55pm-3.55pm

Tea: 3.55pm-4.15pm

Session 3: 4.15pm-6.15pm

30 mins extra time

3:40PM IST: Big first session coming up. Both sides have stacked up their pacers and England will have a first crack with the Dukes. The players are up for the national anthems.

Toss: ENG wins the Toss, elects to bowl first

India XI:  Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), R Jadeja,  Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Rory Burns, Dom Sibley, Haseeb Hameed, Moeen Ali, Joe Root (c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Ollie Robinson, Mark Wood, James Anderson

Kohli: Same, we would’ve bowled first as well. But not too bad batting first as well, good opportunity to put a score. Ishant replaces Shardul, that’s the only change. We announced 12 within the group and Ashwin definitely was part of that. But this makes the most sense for us as a team. Everyone wants to contribute, it’s about getting into the game as a batsman. We just need to get the job done, whoever it is, that’s our main focus. Especially with crowds back in, it’s a pleasure to be here. An honour to play in front of crowds for what should be a cracker.

Root: Going to bowl. Obviously a tinge of green but it’s more the overhead conditions. Got three changes: Hameed for Crawley, Wood for Broad, Ali for Lawrence. Do think it will spin at some point, it generally does here. Ali an experienced campaigner, offers us runs and wickets. Anderson went through all of the hurdles you have to jump when you think there could be something wrong. No issues there.

Toss Time………

3:11PM IST: Toss to be held at 3:20PM. Match to begin at 3:45PM.

3:00 PM IST: The toss is delayed due to rain. Well, the covers are slowly coming off as well.

2:55PM IST: Bad news gushing in from the venue. Rain arrives again and the covers are being put back on. Argh…..

Exclusive London sights!   –  AP


2:50PM IST: Virat Kohli and his boys are going through a brief session of fielding practice and it’s evidently a cloudy start at Lord’s.Another update is that Jimmy Anderson is warming up with the rest of his team.

2:43PM IST: Win the toss and…..?

All set for a London classic.   –  BCCI


2:30PM IST: Numbers Game

  • Virat Kohli needs 125 runs to reach 23,000 int’l runs. He will become the fastest to reach the feat ahead of Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Joe Root needs 113 runs to become the 16th batsman to reach 9000 Test runs. Root needs 38 runs to become the second England batter to reach 2000 Test runs against India.
  • R Ashwin needs four wickets to surpass Harbhajan Singh’s tally of 417 Test wickets and become India’s third-highest wicket-taker.
  • Ishant Sharma needs six more wickets to surpass Zaheer Khan (311).
  • Kohli needs 273 more to cross 1000 runs against England in England.
  • Rohit Sharma needs 204 runs to reach 15,000 int’l runs.

2:15PM IST: WEATHER: Overcast conditions linger on at Lord’s. Hopefully, a dry spell is what we expect for the day.

Time (UK) 10:00am 12pm 01:00pm 03:00pm 05:00pm
Chances of Rain 10% 10% 10% <5% <5%

2:14PM IST: Game ready.


2:05PM IST: UPDATE: Ollie Pope has been released from England’s Test squad at Lord’s to play for Surrey in the RL Cup.

1:30PM IST: India vs England at Lord’s – numbers

  • Overall results:
    England: 138MTs,  55 W, 32L, 51D
    India: 18MTs, 2W, 12L, 4D
  • Highest Individual innings

    India: 184 by Vinoo Mankad 1952
    England: 333 by Graham Gooch 1990

  • Best Bowling In An Innings

    India: 7-72 by Ishant Sharma 2014
    England: 7-49 by Alec Bedser 1946

  • Highest Totals
    India: 454 in 114.1 overs 1990
    England: 653-4d in 162 overs 1990

  • Lowest Innings Totals

    India: 42 in 17 overs 1974
    England: 134 in 61.1 overs 1936

1:11PM IST:  About two hours away from another classic at Lord’s. Can India revive the feat of 2014?



After a near humdinger unravelling in the first Test of the second World Test Championship, India move into the iconic Lord’s for a second shot to take the lead. England’s lucky escape orchestrated by skipper Joe Root’s stupendous hundred, meant rain was the eventual decider at Nottingham last week.

However, its already depleted squad has taken a further hit with the loss of Stuart Broad to injury and Jimmy Anderson’s fitness remaining under a cloud for the clash at the ‘home of cricket’.

India, on the other hand, have lesser yet substantial cracks to fill in. A misfiring middle-order has meant the onus of run-scoring and fortifying the innings has been left to the openers Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul besides a few late cameos down the order.

The big three – Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane – will be facing the heat even as the skipper seems to shrug off any major concerns. The trio’s overseas run and collective run-scoring have been on a lull for over two years now, save the odd glimpses of their best.

Our correspondents Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya and Vijay Lokapally preview the second Test match between England and India, take a quick look at cricketing action around the world and discuss their Tokyo Olympics experience.


With a massive chance in the offing at Lord’s to land a blow to Root’s slackened squad, India will need Pujara, Kohli and Rahane to back up the dogged work of the openers. The host will be dangerous nevertheless in its backyard despite heavy reliance on Root for its batting strength.

Captains speak

Joe Root: As a squad, we are all desperate to see each other succeed. You see the guys put the work in time and time again. One thing you can never question about anyone in this team is their work ethic. I think everyone throws everything into their practice and does everything they can to make themselves better. Of course you want to see that materialise into results on the field and it can be quite tough at the top end of your sport. If that doesn’t happen at a certain point we might have to look at making changes

Virat Kohli: Our basic focus is not to think of where the individuals are at the moment. Collectively how much strength they bring to the team is our focus. As a batting unit, we’re looking to perform in difficult conditions so that we’re in winning positions and someone is going to put their hand up every game. You have to understand as a side what is the best batting unit you can take on the park. The batting unit that played last game is definitely our strongest


India Squad: Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Siraj, Axar Patel, Wriddhiman Saha, Umesh Yadav, Hanuma Vihari, Abhimanyu Easwaran

England Full Squad: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root(c), Jonny Bairstow, Daniel Lawrence, Jos Buttler(w), Ollie Robinson, Mark Wood, Saqib Mahmood, James Anderson, Craig Overton, Sam Curran, Jack Leach, Dominic Bess, Ollie Pope, Haseeb Hameed


The second Test between India and England will be shown LIVE on SONY SIX and SONY TEN 4 channels and streamed online on Sony LIV and Jio TV from 3.30 pm IST.