Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE coverage from Day 3 of the third Test between India and England as action unfolds at Headingley Stadium, Leeds.


Credit goes out to the way Rohit and Pujara soaked in all the pressure after Rahul’s dismissal. Rohit continues to grow in stature in his role – unfortunate that he’s yet to reach three figures to exhibit his prowess truly. While Rohit kept a watchful eye, Pujara strode in like a boss and maintained a fine tempo from the start. A slew of wristy flicks and backfoot punches add flair to his knock and soon we were back to witness the Puji of old. Kohli’s in for a big one too, surely. With the surface staying the way it is right now, Kohli will only have mental demons to transcend tomorrow morning. Another big batting day awaits but England’s charge could well be employed from ball one as the new Dukes awaits. Good night, folks. Do join us tomorrow for an enthralling day’s play!

Well, the umpire’s decided to call off play due to bad light. Yes, stumps has been called on for Day 3. Kohli and Pujara exchange handshakes. Excellent return to form for the senior men right when things began to look awry for India. They’re not out of trouble completely, however, as England leads by 139 runs.

Pujara crosses 90  for the first time in 35 innings. Kohli reaches 45 after 8 innings.

IND 215/2 in 80 overs: Puji into the 90s! Root leaves the ball outside off and Pujara advances to smash it through covers for two more runs.

IND 212/2 in 79 overs: Pujara joins the act with another pull. Similar lines from Moeen as well as he dishes a short ball. Pujara proactively shuffles his weight and smashes it to the square leg fence.

IND 206/2 in 78 overs:  Kohli pulls and finds the boundary again. Root drags too short and Kohli swivels easily to push it past midwicket for four.

IND 200/2 in 77 overs: What a fightback from the visitor. IND crosses 200 as Kohli pushes one towards point. A welcome return to runs for both the batters at the crease as well. Root could well begin to face the heat once again.

IND 199/2 in 76 overs: Root finds some turn again but Kohli’s on the mark this time. He wafts the ball towards midwicket and keeps the board ticking.

IND 196/2 in 75 overs: Ali continues to draw short and the batters rotate strike freely. Kohli’s solid on the defence and well this is a massive opportunity to break the duck for the skip and Che Pu.

IND 193/2 in 74 overs: Huge turn for Root and nearly stuns Kohli. Roots wafts one in that turns prodigiously to sneak past Kohli’s forward press. The ball springs up and misses the stumps by a whisker and beats everyone in its way as it fall down the leg-side.

IND 190/2 in 73 overs: Pujara into the 80s!  Ali slides it away from Pujara. He rocks back and slams it through point for another boundary.

IND 185/2 in 72 overs: No nonsense stuff from Root as he comes around the wicket to slide it into Pujara. Pujara continues to step down and defend with comfort.

IND 185/2 in 71 overs: Maiden for Ali. Kohli’s playing to the line and rocks back to push the short balls off. Surely ‘watching the ball’ well this evening.

IND 185/2 in 70 overs: Kohli treads with vigil and finds a single. Pujara’s a bit more extravagant as he prods forward to keep Root off the fuller length.

Joe Root to roll his arm

IND 184/2 in 69 overs: Kohli and Pujara rotate strike freely as Ali bowls short. Five singles, how long’s it been since we’ve seen this pair move around with freedom.

IND 179/2 in 68 overs: Anderson makes a concerted effort to bowl full to Kohli. Kohli tucks them back but fails to score. He flicks the last delivery to square leg and retains strike. He’s eager to get back on now and that’s positive signs for India.

IND 178/2 in 67 overs: Turn for Moeen. Ali loops one in and beats Kohli’s bat. Buttler flicks the bails and goes up in appeal.  Replays suggest he’s got some part behind the crease and survives. Ali draws short and gets some pronounced turn to surprise Kohli. He rocks back and adjusts to keep the ball low.

IND 176/2 in 66 overs: VK in full flow! Anderson keeps him quiet but Kohli breaks the rut with a smoking cover drive. He leans in well and pummels the loose delivery outside off for another boundary.

IND 172/2 in 65 overs: Ali tosses it up and Kohli easily nudges it past covers for a single. Pujara continues in a lull as he steps down to defend the loopy deliveries.

Ali returns

IND 171/2 in 64 overs: Anderson regains his line and tucks it outside off. Pujara does well to respect the length and carefully leaves them on its merit.

Anderson returns

IND 171/2 in 63 overs: Kohli sneaks in two runs as he steers Overton’s straight delivery to midwicket once again. The players move to Drinks and India have regained composure after Rohit’s wicket to win another passage of play.

IND 168/2 in 62 overs: 50-run partnership for Kohli-Pujara! Kohli lunges forward and works Curran’s nip-backer through midwicket for a classic boundary. The flair is back and the confidence is slowly building up.

IND 163/2 in 61 overs: Overton bowls short and Pujara sits back in the crease and fends them off. He tucks the last ball to fine leg and retains strike.

IND 161/2 in 60 overs: Kohli pulls and pulls well! Curran sends a bit of a surprise to Kohli who’s taken aback by the short ball for a jiffy before setting well to slam the ball infront of midwicket for another boundary. He’s got his start on a wicket that could well reignite form for this wobbly middle-order.

Curran into the attack

IND 157/2 in 59 overs: Kohli continues to move forward to meet the ball. Overton draws a fuller length but Kohli’s up on them in a flash. It’s a maiden from Overton but Kohli’s seeming to be ‘really’ at it this time.

Overton replaces Anderson.

IND 157/2 in 58 overs: Robinson continues to maintain remarkable control over his length. Pujara keeps his guard down, just the lone single in the over.

IND 156/2 in 57 overs: Crack down the ground! Anderson’s poor spell continues as Pujara stands tall and punches the fuller ball straight down the ground. He’s set for a biggie here!

Meanwhile, Manchester United fans, rejoice!!!!

IND 152/2 in 56 overs: Kohli’s maintaining his discipline in the leaves outside off. Robinson continues to bowl in the fine channel. Leaving his ‘ego in his pocket’ this time!

IND 151/2 in 55 overs: 150 up for India! Pujara milks Anderson through midwicket for four and follows it with another one sliding down the leg side. Anderson’s up on pace and bowling a lot straighter to make it easy for the batters in this spell.

IND 143/2 in 54 overs: Puji with the ramp! Robinson goes short and Pujara stays put and flakes it over the slips for four. He’s certainly back to his best and India would be heaving a sigh of relief.

IND 138/2 in 53 overs: Kohli in the zone!  Anderson strays to the pads and Kohli launches a nonchalant flick for four. Crunch from Kohli to finish as he slams a gorgeous cover drive to the boundary and enters double-figures.

Anderson into the attack

IND 125/2 in 52 overs: LOUD APPEAL as Robinson hits Kohli’s pads! Seams it in sharply and Kohli offers no bat at it. The ball pitches outside off and tails in sharply to brush Kohli’s back thigh on its way to Buttler. Root’s in a fix and he decides against the review. A good decision in hindsight, as the ball is sailing over the top of off.

IND 123/2 in 51 overs: Fifty for Pujara! He notches it up with a fine pull off the back foot as Overton bumps one in. Been a long time since he’s crossed the mark and he’s ensured it’s come at a fine rate today.

IND 118/2 in 50 overs: Robinson’s up on pace. He mixes up the length to Pujara who finds another single to move off strike. Kohli receives a fuller delivery and employs a fine leave to complete the over.

IND 117/2 in 49 overs: Overton keeps it short to Pujara. He meets the ball in front and keeps them off his pads. Pujara tucks one away of the last ball to get a single off the last ball.

IND 116/2 in 48 overs: Robinson to Rohit. OUT! Hits the pads and given! Massive break for England! Kettleborough has a long look at it and he raises the finger. Robinson tucks it in and Rohit misreads the line. Rohit goes for the review but the replays suggest that the ball is kissing the leg stump. Umpire’s call and he’s on his way after another crucial innings for the side. Unfortunate to miss out on another ton. Rohit Sharma lbw b Robinson 59 (156b 7×4 1×6)

IND 116/1 in 47 overs: Pujara sets off in style! Much more assured on his feet and he flashes a strong slap through the vacant point. Overton pushes it wide to start and pays the price instantly.

Third session begins, Overton into the attack.


A nice session for India, for a change. But there were some close calls as the ball went past the edge a number of times and an lbw dismissal was missed because Joe Root was a second late in reviewing the not-out verdict.

Under overcast conditions at Leeds, though, Rohit and Pujara have done well. Both of them have picked up runs through the leg side when the opportunity arose, and occasionally played the drive.

Rohit’s straight drive off Sam Curran in Curran’s second over of this innings was perhaps the best stroke played in the session.

How long can the two stay together? Find out, in the post-tea session, which starts in about 20 minutes.

IND 112/1 in 46 overs: Curran bowls short, it’s pulled away by Rohit for a boundary through square leg. Curran’s pace wouldn’t worry Rohit too much; Anderson’s or Robinson’s short deliveries, on the other hand, could hurry him.

He gets a short of a length delivery next up and turns it away to midwicket for a single.

Curran switches to over the wicket to Pujara. It’s short of a length again, on leg-stump; flicked away to fine leg for a single. Short of a length again, on middle stump, defended by Rohit.

The last ball is slightly fuller, on off-stump, defended again. And that’s tea.

IND 106/1 in 45 overs: Pujara gets a short delivery outside off-stump and he slaps it to deep extra cover for two runs. Then he picks up one through deep point.

Rohit gets a short delivery and he plays it to sweeper cover for another single.

IND 102/1 in 44 overs: Curran switches to around the wicket. Bowls down the leg side to Rohit. Left alone.

A full delivery next up, on off-stump, defended. It’s followed up by a short of a length delivery on leg-stump, defended again. A full delivery again, and defended again.

Maiden over.

IND 102/1 in 43 overs: One run from the over from Moeen.

Rohit comes forward to defend the deliveries or stays back in his crease. He takes a single on the fourth delivery, coming forward to get closer to the pitch of the ball and running a leg-bye.

The last ball is short: Pujara stays back in his crease and drives it back to the bowler.

IND 101/1 in 42 overs: Curran bowls an overpitched delivery on leg stump. Rohit flicks it to long leg to pick up a single.

Pujara gets a good length delivery on the leg-stump but he fails to put bat on ball as he tries to turn it away to square leg. Then, he gets a full delivery on leg-stump, it’s defended.

On the leg-stump again, Pujara tucks the ball to short fine leg. Finally, a delivery outside the off-stump: it’s short of a length, Pujara pushes it point and says ‘ya’. Two runs. It brings up the 100 for India.

IND 98/1 in 41 overs: Pujara steps down the track to Moeen, to get to the pitch of the ball when the ball is short of a length. He gets a shorter delivery and he turns it away to midwicket for a single.

Rohit copies Pujara and goes down the track to smother the deliveries. He picks up a single as well, through the leg side.

Moeen Ali in the attack now.

IND 96/1 in 40 overs: Curran bowls on to the pads of Pujara numerous times in his third over. One of them is a juicy half-volley on leg-stump; it’s flicked away to square leg for four runs.

Another one yields two runs through midwicket. There’s a single taken in that over as well, off the last ball.

IND 89/1 in 39 overs: Rohit gets a good length delivery first up, outside off-stump, defends. Then slightly shorter, it’s punched off the back-foot by Rohit. No run.

Fuller, on off-stump, driven to extra cover for no run. On a good length, outside off-stump: defended. Then full again, defended. The last ball is full also, it’s driven to short mid-on.

Anderson to continue.

IND 89/1 in 38 overs: Curran starts off with a delivery on the legs of Rohit. It’s tucked away to midwicket.

A full delivery, on off-stump, and a sumptuous drive from Rohit! It’s a straight drive for a four. And it’s followed up by a half volley outside off-stump, and Rohit brings out his drive again. The ball races to the extra cover boundary.

Another delivery on the pads, and he turns it away to fine leg for a single. That’s his 50. It’s an excellent knock so far, very watchful, yet not afraid to bring out his strokes when needed.

Sam Curran into the attack.

IND 80/1 in 37 overs: Beaten! Rohit, for once, plays away from his body, stuck in his crease.

He gets a delivery on his legs and he picks up a single through square leg.

One run from the over.

IND 79/1 in 36 overs: Pujara does the same. Robinson bowls in the off-stump line and Pujara defends well.

Robinson bowls short of a length: it’s left alone. It’s a well-judged leave as the ball is not too far away from the off-stump.

He safely negotiates the rest of the over as well, leaving deliveries alone or defending. Maiden over.

IND 79/1 in 35 overs: Three slips in place for Anderson. And Rohit continues to be cautious while negotiating his deliveries.

Anderson makes him play, and he’s up to the task as he solidly defends. A maiden over.

IND 79/1 in 34 overs: Two from Robinson’s 12th over.

He bowls accurately, but gives away a no-ball. And a good length delivery on Rohit’s pads yields the batsman a single through midwicket.

IND 77/1 in 33 overs: Anderson strays again. He bowls to Pujara’s pads, and Pujara flicks it to collect another boundary, this time through fine leg.

A clean over, otherwise, from Anderson.

Pujara gets an excellent delivery from Anderson, and he survives, just about. Narrowly goes past the edge.

Meanwhile, replays show Rohit would have been out if England’s review had been accepted in the previous over – the ball would have been hitting the stumps.

IND 73/1 in 32 overs: Rohit gets another full delivery outside off-stump – the delivery he played a square drive to in the previous over from Robinson. But this time he lets it go. A full delivery next up, on off-stump, it’s driven to mid-off for no run.

On a good length, outside the off-stump: left alone. Then Robinson bowls from wider of the crease to have his delivery angle into Rohit. Rohit shoulders arms as the ball narrowly evades the off-stump.

And a huge shout for lbw! And England goes for the review. But it’s not accepted by the umpire as Root takes too long to signal the review. Height would have been a factor.

The last ball is an excellent delivery: on a good length, just outside off, the ball narrowly goes past the outside edge of Rohit’s bat.

IND 73/1 in 31 overs: Pujara will likely shoulder arms to deliveries outside the off-stump, especially from Anderson. And that’s what he does in this over.

When the delivery is on the off-stump line, he defends from the crease.

Maiden over.

Anderson is back into the attack.

IND 73/1 in 30 overs: The first two deliveries from Robinson are angled into Rohit; they pitch on a good length, and hit Rohit’s thighs.

Rohit continues to be patient and defends. And then a loud shout for lbw! It’s a good length delivery, on the off-stump line. Rohit shapes to defend, but the ball hits his thigh. Not given.

England goes for the review. Ball tracker says the ball would be going over the stumps. Rohit survives.

Rohit gets a full delivery outside off-stump; he reaches out to it, and plays a square drive for a boundary through backward point. Last delivery: defended from the crease.

IND 69/1 in 29 overs: Pujara defends from the crease, and then again. The second time, he leaves his crease searching for a quick single, but is sent back.

He gets one in the corridor: leaves it alone. Pujara says ‘yeah’ as he plays a late cut to a delivery in the corridor and collects a four through third man.

Another good length delivery, but it’s angled into Pujara. It hits his thighs. Pujara says ‘yeah’ again as he gets a full delivery outside the off-stump and plays a nice drive for another four through extra cover.

Overton continues.

IND 61/1 in 28 overs: Pujara shoulders arms to the first delivery. First runs for India in three overs: Robinson bowls it too wide outside the off-stump; it swings away after pitching and Jos Buttler is not able to collect it cleanly, and it’s enough time for the batsmen to run a quick single.

Defended off the back-foot by Rohit. And Rohit decides to drive! It’s in the air, but just evades the mid-off fielder for a boundary. Rohit wasn’t in control of that one: he ends up slicing it. Lucky for him that it didn’t go to hand.

Overpitched, outside the off-stump. Rohit plays a nice square drive for another boundary. Then he gets one in the corridor and leaves it alone. And the last delivery is full, on middle-stump: it’s tamely driven to mid-wicket. Eight runs from the over.

Robinson back into the attack.

It’s cloudy right now at Leeds, and the floodlights are on, too. Perhaps helpful conditions for England’s seamers.

IND 53/1 in 27 overs: Rohit defends a short of a length delivery from Overton. Will this over be similar to Overton’s previous one?

Rohit leaves alone outside the off-stump, and he’s so cautious that he doesn’t play the drive to a half-volley outside the off-stump. It’s defended solidly instead.

Rohit continues to leave deliveries and defend, depending on the line and length of the ball.

IND 53/1 in 26 overs: Anderson starts his ninth over with a delivery in the corridor. Comfortable for Pujara as there’s considerable width on that one.

Anderson bowls a good length delivery again, but this time it’s angling into Pujara. Hits his thighs.

Then a delivery in the corridor again. Arms shouldered by the watchful Pujara. And then again. The fifth delivery is another good length delivery: Pujara defends off the front foot, but the ball touches the inside edge of the bat.

The last ball is left alone as well. It swung away considerably after pitching. Another maiden over.

IND 53/1 in 25 overs: A maiden over from Overton. Rohit drives crisply again but it’s stopped by the bowler in his follow through again.

Rohit solidly defends or plays with soft hands the rest of the deliveries of the over. One of the deliveries goes down the leg side, and it’s left alone.

IND 53/1 in 24 overs: Rohit gets one in the corridor from Anderson, he lets it go eventually, but it’s a last-second decision to pull his bat away from the ball.

Anderson gifts him the impeccable delivery that Rohit did well not to get out to. Close to the off-stump; Rohit had to play at it, but the ball doesn’t touch his bat as it goes through to the keeper.

Another similar delivery from Anderson, slightly fuller. This time, the ball touches the outside edge of Rohit’s bat and travels to third man. The batsmen run three as a fielder dives to save the boundary.

Anderson drifts on to the pads again. Pujara collects four again. It brings up the 50 for India. This time through square leg. The ball flies over the head of the short leg fielder.

The last two deliveries are on a good length, on off-stump or just outside. Narrowly evades the outside edge of Pujara’s bat the first time. And then defended.

IND 45/1 in 23 overs: Overton starts his seventh over with an excellent delivery: in the fourth-stump channel, just outside the off-stump. The ball goes past the edge of Rohit’s bat.

It’s followed up by a fuller delivery, on off-stump. Driven crisply by Rohit. It’s fielded well by the bowler on his follow through.

Then clipped again, but this time for no run.

Rohit gets one on his pads again and this time he taps it to the leg side to run a quick single. Final delivery: Pujara gets a half-volley on leg-stump and picks up a four through midwicket again.

IND 41/1 in 22 overs: Anderson bowls on the off-stump line, on a good length. Pujara has to play at that one. He plays it with soft hands, steering the ball to third slip.

A short of a length delivery next up, it’s defended from the crease off the backfoot this time. Gets one on his pads, and he takes full toll: flicks it away to deep midwicket for a boundary. It’s a rare wayward delivery from Anderson.

Anderson compensates for it, bowling in the corridor. It’s too far away from the off-stump to cause any discomfort. Left alone. And then nearly a wicket! More accurate this time, on the fourth-stump channel; Pujara tries to awkwardly steer it to third man. Narrowly evades the edge.

Anderson drifts on to the pads again and it’s clipped away again, this time for two runs.

IND 35/1 in 21 overs: A good length delivery from Overton first up, angling into Rohit, who tries to defend from his crease but the ball evades his bat and thuds into his thighs.

The third delivery of the over is a similar one: a loud shout for lbw. Too high. In the corridor, left alone. Moving away after pitching.

Overton bowls full, outside the off-stump. Rohit reaches out to it, and digs it out. The last ball is directed at his pads; it’s full. Defended well by Rohit. Maiden over.

IND 35/1 in 20 overs: Anderson will start proceedings in the post-lunch session. An appeal for lbw, but it was too far down the leg side to be given out. Rohit takes a leg-bye.

Second delivery is left alone by Pujara, it’s in the corridor, on a good length. Pujara gets one on his legs this time, and he flicks it to midwicket. No run. In the corridor once again, left alone. Then a delivery going down the leg side, left alone again: a lot of swing on that one after pitching.

The last ball is defended.

James Anderson needs one wicket to get to 400 Test wickets in England. He’ll be the first person to do so, and the second bowler to have taken 400 or more wickets at home in his career.

Muttiah Muralitharan has the most wickets at home: 493.

In England, Stuart Broad is the second most prolific wicket-taker, with 341 wickets.


The wicket of K. L. Rahul was the fourth of the Test for Jamie Overton, the 27-year-old seamer. One more wicket for him and he’ll have enjoyed his most successful Test since making his debut for England.

In the four Tests he played before this one, he took nine wickets in total. His best performance: 4 for 48 against Australia in Adelaide, in December, 2017, his debut match.


The openers had done just about enough to have a fair meal at the break, but a shaky Rahul fell to a beauty at the fag end of the session. An inspired piece of fielding sets up another session for England.

IND 34/1 in 19 overs: Overton to Rahul. OUT! A STUNNER FROM BAIRSTOW! Rahul’s fall at the stroke for Lunch with a sensational one-handed grab from Bairstow at second slip. Root and Buttler embrace in jubilation as we move to Lunch.

IND 34/0 in 18 overs: Rohit’s at ease with Curran’s inswingers. He stays beside the line and easily pushes forward. Rohit maintains his fine touch over Curran as he flicks one off his pads to midwicket for four.

Curran replaces Robinson

IND 30/0 in 17 overs: Rahul survives! Overton gets one to jag back off the fuller band of the good length. Rahul’s in an absolute fix deep in his crease and wades out of it somehow. He’s been pinned throughout the hour but manages to jump past the hurdles by the skin of his teeth.

Rohit surpasses Kapil Dev to become India’s fourth-leading six hitter in Test cricket with 62 sixes. Sehwag (91), Dhoni (78) and Tendulkar (69) are ahead of him.

IND 28/0 in 16 overs: Classic from the Hitman! Robinson attempts a bumper outside the off-stump and Rohit parries it over the slips with typical flair. Just an effortless extension of his arms and the ball sails over the boundary line over third man!

IND 20/0 in 15 overs: Overton hits the length and find a faint edge from Rohit. The ball skims low to Burns once again in slips, away from his reach. Positive footwork from Rohit to follow as he works the ball towards midwicket to find two runs.

IND 18/0 in 14 overs: Rahul struggles to break free. Robinson continues to test his verve outside the off-stump as he zips the ball in sharply. Another maiden!

IND 18/0 in 13 overs: Cracking over from Overton! Overton fends one in the channel first-up and nearly clings onto Rohit’s edge. He follows up with a corker, an outswinger that shuns Rohit’s defence. Another beauty to follow! Overton drills one in and the ball hits something on its way to Buttler. The fielders go up in a loud appeal but the umpire stands his ground. The ball nearly kisses the outside-edge as Rohit leans forward and he’s pretty lucky to still be out there after this over.

IND 18/0 in 12 overs: Rohit flicks with flair to get off strike. Robinson crashes one high again on Rahul’s pads and the ball lobs up high into short leg’s hands. A stifled appeal follows and Root decides against the review. Tight bowling, gritty batting at the moment.

IND 17/0 in 11 overs: Overton goes full attacking the stumps. Rohit leans forward but the inside edge parries towards leg for a single. Rahul gets a stern test outside off but he does well to sink low and use his front foot to set the late leave.

Overton replaces Anderson

IND 16/0 in 10 overs: Robinson to Rahul. OUT! TRAPPED IN FRONT! Rahul goes for the review off the last second! Looks plumb with Robinson seaming it in sharply. Replays incoming and it’s a massive call! The ball in the end does too much and slides down leg. What a review for India. KL was hesitant to go for it but was prompted by Rohit to take the chance. Root is in disbelief.

IND 14/0 in 9 overs: Excellent from Rohit! Anderson bowls a lot straighter this time and Rohit is up for it with a solid block. Anderson moves the ball in late from the seam a foot outside off and Rohit does well to employ a late leave to see the ball away from off-stump. Top cricket all around.

IND 14/0 in 8 overs: Robinson continues to wear Rahul down with a nagging spell.  He tails the ball in sharply to his pads and forces KL to spring up and tuck away. Robinson gives another surprise as he hits a touch below the good length band and gets the ball to rise sharply. Rahul evades out of the ball late outside off to preserve his wicket.

IND 13/0 in 7 overs: Smoked through the covers! Rohit sheds off the cobwebs as he leans into a beautiful cover drive. Anderson touches a shade too full and Rohit doesn’t let go this time. He deftly gets off strike with a single. Anderson nearly gets Rahul fishing outside off and the ball beats the edge by a whisker, so close!

IND 8/0 in 6 overs: Loud appeal as Robinson jags one back into Rahul’s pads. Rahul misses it altogether but the ball is a touch too high for umpire Kettleborough to raise his finger.

IND 6/0 in 5 overs: Anderson begins with a sharp nip-backer. Rahul does well to close the line and tuck it fine. Another in-swinger but Rahul flicks it for a single. Rohit continues to lean forward to reduce the impact of Anderson’s seaming-in deliveries.

IND 5/0 in 4 overs: Robinson maintains his line two feet away from the off-stump. He’s hoping to hook Rohit into the drive. Rohit tucks his bat close to the body and leaves them on length.

IND 4/0 in 3 overs: Anderson find Rohit’s edge twice! Rohit plants himself forward outside the off-stump in an attempt to wade off the late seam onto the stumps. Anderson gets late movement away from Rohit and finds the edge off successive deliveries. Soft hands, soft hands. The ball lobs low to Overton at third slip on both occasions and he does well to prevent a boundary.

IND 4/0 in 2 overs: Rahul attempts an early drive again and opens his account this time around. Robinson attempts to work around the off-stump but Rohit does to well stay behind the line. He tucks fine for another single. Rahul stands low and sees off the last ball.


Robinson from the other end

IND 2/0 in 1 over: Anderson begins with a loosener off the deck. Rohit blocks with ease but nearly brushes at one that seams away off the length, nearly clipping the blade on its way to Buttler.

Anderson brings the ball but Rohit defends with purpose. Rohit gets off the mark of the last ball as Anderson goes full outside off. Rohit leans in and opens the face of the bat late and the ball trickles behind backward point. Burns gives an excellent chase to deny a boundary, two runs for Rohit and India.

Anderson with the new ball!

3:58PM IST: And in under two minutes, the covers are taken off! Rohit and Rahul wait on the sidelines as a confident England huddle has already relayed on the outfield.

3:56PM IST: A slight drizzle returns right before India’s second innings. The covers have been put back at the centre.

Well, positive first 10 minutes for India. They do not let the tail to wag and that’s the least they could do to script a comeback. England wouldn’t mind this at all and they head into bowl with a hefty lead. An uphill task rests on the shoulders of KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma as they set out to bat in the first hour.

ENG 432 all out in 132.2 overs: Bumrah to Robinson. OUT! Cleaned him up! ENG ends with a 354-run lead! Brings the ball in towards the off-stump and Robinson clears his front foot for a rash heave, ends up missing it completely.  Ollie Robinson b Bumrah 0 (15b)

Bumrah replaces Jadeja.  Jimmy at the crease, well….

ENG 431/9 in 132 overs: Shami to Overton. OUT! The nip-backer traps him plumb! A sharp one from Shami as he slants this one in and thuds the front pad. Overton plays down the wrong line but goes for the review neverthless. Replays suggest he’s a goner, as the ball crashes straight into the stumps. Craig Overton lbw b Mohammed Shami 32 (42b 6×4)

ENG 431/8 in 132 overs: Jadeja comes over the wicket to Robinson who attempt the sweep twice to full deliveries. Jadeja brushes the pads but it’s well away from the leg-stump line.

Jadeja into the attack

ENG 431/8 in 131 overs: Shami starts with a length delivery that seams away from Overton. It rises sharply to Pant. He follows up with a ball tailing into Overton who pushes it towards mid-on. Overton maintains a neat drive down the ground as Shami brings the ball in once again. Unfortunate to not fetch a boundary as the ball hits the stumps at the other end. Shami touches full next and Overton slashes it in style through point for four of the backfoot. Excellent start for Overton as he flicks Shami off the pads for another four to finish the over. England’s lead crosses 350!

Shami up with the ball.

Craig Overton and Ollie Robinson back at the middle. England begins with a 345-run lead.


3:26PM IST: Seems like a passing showers. Kohli’s men have walked out but the clouds have taken shape to one side of the ground.

3:14PM IST: A slight drizzle forces the covers to be sprawled all over the centre. Overcast conditions could well make it difficult for India while batting once again.

Light drizzle prompts the covers to be put at Headingley on Day 3.


3:10PM IST: A serious Indian huddle on the sidelines with plenty of chatter from batting coach Vikram Rathour. A tough day of batting awaits the Indians.

2:30PM IST: Numbers game

  • England’s 345-run lead is the highest India has conceded since 2018.
  • Joe Root smashes his 23rd Test hundred and the third of the series vs India in three Tests.
  • Root now has the joint-most Test hundreds among England batsmen in a calendar year – 6
  • Root’s hundred was his eighth in Tests against India. He joined Ricky Ponting, Viv Richards, Garry Sobers and Steve Smith with most tons against it.
  • Root’s hundred made him the England batter with most international hundreds. He went past Alastair Cook with his 39th int’l ton.

Day 2 review

Misery, misery..piling on and on. Kohli’s men were pummeled to the back seat with a truly authoritative reply from the host. For the first time in the series, England looked like a dominant side that mastered its own backyard. If day 1 was poor an aberration by any stretch, England’s top-order resurgence meant India was forced to think otherwise.


In a day where the batters made merry, all of the top four – Hameed, Burns, Malan and especially their skipper Joe Root – strode past fifties. India’s seamers were left in the wilderness for an eternity as England shifted gears through the second session to milk runs at a rapid rate. Root, in his imperious touch, anchored the tempo perfectly as he posted a record sixth Ton of the year at a whopping strike-rate of above 80.

READ: ENG vs IND, 3rd Test, Day 2: Root hits another serene ton as England tightens noose

READ: ENG vs IND, 3rd Test, Day 2: Root hits another serene ton as England tightens noose

The aggressive self of captain Kohli was nowhere in the frame and so did his odd tactics make India’s quest for wickets seem even more tough. A struggling Ishant was forced in by Kohli in lengthy spells even as the batsmen made light work of him, aggravating his issues with the ball.

Day three could well land the knockout punch for India that helps England draw level with two Tests in the pipeline.

In this episode of Matchpoint Paradox, Shayan Acharya, Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya and Vijay Lokapally recap India’s Lord’s win, the question of how much aggression is good aggression and all the other news from the world of cricket.




India XI:  Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), R Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Rory Burns, Haseeb Hameed, Dawid Malan, Joe Root (c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Ollie Robinson, Craig Overton, James Anderson


The third Test between India and England will be shown LIVE on SONY SIX and SONY TEN 4 channels and streamed online on Sony LIV and Jio TV from 3.30 pm IST.