Being a free alternative to highly paid streaming services, Pikashow bears dozens of questions. Is it entirely free and safe at the same time? Why is it absent in Google Play Market and App Store? Can be it used to watch IPL clashes in 2021? Why do bettors prefer watching cricket online before betting on the favourites? Let us answer all these questions and explain other important elements.

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Paid streaming services or the Pikashow alternative?

As one can understand, Pikashow is an application that contests streaming services. However, it has one of the best possible advantages for such a strive – free status. Indeed, Indian people have enough elements of their life to be paid, so spending money on streaming services can be overwhelming.

At the same time, receiving access to a wide range of needed media content can cost a lot but still mean bound hands. For instance, a lot of sporting events are broadcasted on a limited number of platforms, while some of them even have a pay-per-view status.

That is why applications like Pikashow exist. This media platform is called to satisfy the majority of the needs of the ordinary user for free. Although it is a payless app, it still provides its customers with unique content like the newest Bollywood and Hollywood film. Moreover, Pikashow is a suitable tool to watch live sporting events, including a super popular IPL.


Pikashow online sports watching

The need to watch sporting tournaments on the go is increasing every day. Indians love following their favourite teams, and mobile apps like Pikashow are well adjusted for it. After installing this app, one receives access to an immense amount of TV channels and sports competitions.

As Pikashow is widespread specifically in India, we have to talk in more detail about the reasons. The first is the passion of Indians towards their local-made TV serials and films. Bollywood is a world-known leader in producing media content, and local citizens support their media factory with great pleasure.

However, not only the film industry generates the viewing tastes of the locals. Thus, Indians are beloved fans of sporting events, especially cricket and football. While the latter is a dominant choice for most of Earth’s population, Indians are more devoted to following cricket games. Their domestic league is the most professional in the world, while the national squad is a heavyweight opponent for everyone.

Such a passion for cricket following outgrew into the big betting interest. Most of the bookmakers that operate in India try to propose as many cricket events as they can. Of course, IPL is a top competition, but other top tier tournaments are respected among local bettors.

Interestingly, wagering traditions still seem to be in the initial phase in India. More and more bookies are coming to the market and want to conquer it, using diverse methods. The most common approach is to suggest incredible promotions. Thus, has outbid everyone and offers up to 4 lakh rupees for the first five deposits. This proposition, however, is facilitated with the trusted international status and cashback program. 400 000 rupees in bonuses – just imagine what you can afford if you convert a promotional reward barely.

Nonetheless, the previous paragraph isn’t accidental in this text about Pikashow. Experienced bettors understand the importance of live sports watching in betting. Online following of the event allows deeper analysis of the situation and so more concise predictions. So, Pikashow is the key to more earnings if betting on the IPL 2021 matches or other top cricket tournaments.

Pikashow live IPL 2021 watching adaptability

The latest version of the Pikashow app has good adaptability for watching IPL. This year, the strongest league on Earth was forced to interrupt their spring marathon due to covid restrictions in India. A lot of players inside teams suffered because of the corona, so organisers decided to delay the event to autumn.

However, the upcoming T20 World Cup 2021 will immediately follow the IPL finish sprint. It means that cricket’s beloved fans will have almost two months of top cricket at hand with the Pikashow application on their smartphones. It will help them to make more precise bets on the favourites and adjust their predictions just during the games.

How to use Pikashow TV?

The only pitfall in using the Pikashow application is its absence from the dedicated mobile app markets. Thus, both Google Play Market and the App Store are officially supporting market relations. It means they cannot support platforms that use the content of others. Logically, it leads to inconveniences with installing the app. In this case, you need to download and install the regarded application manually. However, it’s a fast and easy process that doesn’t require any additional technical knowledge.

From all the other sides, Pikashow is one of the Indian streaming apps’ market leaders. The free status of this tool beats all the inconveniences related to the installation process. Suitable user experience, good video quality, and the ability to watch numerous films, TV channels, and even sporting events are a breath of fresh air for Indians. After trying this app, all the doubts will disappear as everything is fine and intuitively clear.

Is Pikashow apk free download safe enough?

Yes, the Pikashow apk file is safe for downloading. At the moment, the latest version of it is v10.6.8, which is well suited for watching IPL 2021 tournament continuation. Both downloading and using Pikashow is free, so you do have not to worry about safety. This magic application was created in order to bring payless content for ordinary people who don’t have the opportunity to spend extra cash for costly streaming services.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it safe to use Pikashow?

Yes, Pikashow is a free and safe application that replaces the functionality and possibilities of costly streaming apps. 

Is Pikashow suitable for watching live IPL 2021 matches?

Sure, Pikashow gives an excellent opportunity to follow all the IPL 2021 matches and be more concise with bets on favourites.

How to download Pikashow app on iPhone?

You have to download the apk file (the latest version now is v.10.6.8) and install it manually for receiving a free streaming platform on your iPhone.