Many Indians are looking for the opportunity to watch Indian Premier League clashes online without obstacles. However, the competitive power of IPL allowed it to increase its broadcasting weight pretty high. The Disney Hotstar cooperation brought casting of this competition to all the continents. But Indians have to pay for this kind of pride and buy access to watch their beloved game.


Luckily, ThopTV gives a free opportunity to follow your favourite IPL squad, even from mobile devices. The app is developed to open access to global media content, including IPL battles. That’s great news for Indian bettors who are making bets on the Indian Premier League, as now they can follow the event online without obstacles.

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What is Thop TV?

ThopTV is a multifunctional application dedicated to bringing global media content to Indian users. The developers of this app adjusted it to use on diverse platforms. Both iOS and Android mobile gadgets are supported, as well as PC usage is possible. Regular updates fix minor mistakes to make the watching experience the best.

The usability of ThopTV is great. Developers opened access to 3000 TV channels. Also, the most popular serials, sporting events, and thousands of online radio stations are also available. The presence of diverse languages, including Hindi and English, makes it extremely popular in India. 

Free ThopTV live sports events

The primary feature of ThopTV is its free status. Everyone can download the apk file and instal it on their smartphone. It will open payless access to an immense amount of visual content, including paid sports tournaments like IPL. Of course, the owners of this technical miracle have easy access to other cricket events and matches, fitting the needs of most Indian sports lovers.

That is highly vital for the local wagerers. They know that the ability to follow the game online opens wider opportunities for higher earnings while betting. Of course, the pre-match odds line sometimes exceeds hundreds of variants, but most of them are going to the background after the starting whistle. An experienced bettor can identify the outcome of the game just a few minutes after its beginning. That is why Indian wagerers are looking for live sports events broadcasting apps. ThopTV seems to be a great choice due to the variety of the tournaments they deliver.


ThopTV online streams and films

While watching online sporting events is an excellent feature for ThopTV users, that’s not the only benefit. Many Indians are still looking for TV channels, films, and serials as the core of visual content. That is why developers of the app are regularly adding new names to the list of available content. Thus, one can enjoy watching top Hollywood and Bollywood movies. At the same time, top Indian serials like Anupamaa or Kundali Bhagya can be found on TV channels or separately as well.

Is Thop TV live cricket broadcasting possible?

Yes, that is among the most enjoyable types of content Indians prefer. The ThopTV application is well adjusted for sporting events, especially cricket matches. The ability to watch IPL is limited due to its broadcasting appeal around the globe. But the regarded app is well suited to satisfy Indians with the top clashes of their favourite game.

As with any sport, the most joy cricket brings if it is watched in a live format. The passion of Indians towards all competitions of this game is overwhelming. It is often linked with huge betting activity as local wagerers know cricket the best. This fact forces bettors to seek the best bookies and convert their knowledge of cricket into real money. In this regard, one of the most profitable offers on the Indian betting market is This bookmaker proposes the highest bonuses and facilitates them with cashback. The combination of the Bons platform and ThopTV will surely bring one to big wins.

Benefits of using ThopTV: IPL matches for free

Among the particular cases when Indians download ThopTV is the start of IPL. This tournament dominates global cricket broadcasts, so it isn’t free to watch. However, the regarded app allows a payless following of the Indian Premier League online. Moreover, it can be done just on the go as the application can be easily installed on Android or iOS smartphones.

The unique feature of the IPL is that it consists of 60 matches that are played during a few months. It usually means games almost every day. True supporters cannot miss any of them while they have to visit a workplace regularly. ThopTV seems to be a nice way to join the desires as one can watch matches on the go or help to resolve the issue at least.

As the broadcasters or the IPL know how to earn money, they will surely try to block free services and applications’ work on particular locations. However, this problem can be overcome by using VPN services. Those apps are changing the device’s IP address so even internet providers cannot see its real place. 

How to instal the ThopTV app?

Unfortunately, official mobile market stores don’t allow ThopTV to become an official app. However, it doesn’t mean that this application isn’t safe or something like that. One has just to find the needed apk file. Then, pass the downloading procedure, which is fast enough as the needed file is lightweight.

One has to be ready for the manual installation process. This will often force a smartphone owner to turn off some kind of protection as side apk files are considered harmful by default. After the installation procedure is passed, you can turn on auto protection.

Where to find the ThopTV apk file?

At the moment this article was written, the actual version of ThopTV was v45.8.0. It allowed people to watch IPL 2021 games without any restrictions. As Google Play Market and App Store don’t ratify the considered application, you have to be ready to update the app manually. As it was said, you may orienteer on the v45.8.0 version of the apk file.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Thop TV?

ThopTV is a free application that allows you to join the world of media content, including TV channels, movies, serials, online sports broadcasts, and even radio.

How to download ThopTV?

You have to seek the latest version of the apk file (v45.8.0 is actual for October 2021), download it, and install it manually.

How to use Thop TV?

After the installation process is done, the easy-to-understand menu will help you deal with the app’s further usage.